Most Nigerian men are so crazy about marriage. But the reality is that men lose more in marriage. It is better to be fucking around than to get married. There is nothing a man gains from getting married than just to pay bills and grow old and then die. I have been trying to understand why we men even get married. Marriage doesn’t pay for men. We men don’t have much to gain from it. From the time you start dating a girl to the time you eventually make her your wife, you are the one who is at loss. You will buy credit cards to call her on phone. Every time.


That is not the end. The list is endless. You will buy gifts to please her. You will take her out for shopping, if you have the money. You will take her to restaurants and other beautiful places just to make her happy. You will do everything to make her smile, to make her happy. And when you finally marry her, you will still be the one to take care of the marriage bills. This must happen if you are a Nigerian. Most of the marriage bills always fall on the husband or on the husband’s family. African men die paying bills upon bills.


You will spend and spend until your face wrinkles and your skin shrinks. This is one of the reasons most Nigerian men get married lately. They know what it means. They know what a wedding costs. They know what marriage entails. They know that they must bear responsibilities. In Nigeria especially, men are a beast of burden. That is why they sometimes run away from marriage. I don’t blame them. The system is fucked up from the beginning.


If you start dating a Nigerian lady, she already believes that you are the saviour who has come to take her problems away. She believes you must pay for everything she buys. This is why it is difficult for men to be in a relationship in Nigeria. The moment you talk to a girl, you have become an ATM. She will come to you if she wants to buy ordinary pants. She will see you as her father, her mother, her everything. Some of them, if you even recharge their phones, they will still flash you instead of calling you.


True love is very rare in Nigeria. Most of these girls are hungry. They don’t really love you. They love you because of the things they are getting from you. Nigeria is hard. It is really hard. These girls must buy pants. They must buy body cream. They must buy soap. They will need to buy make-up. And most of them are either jobless or lazy. They need a man to buy these things so that they can run to social media to deceive themselves. Most of them have multiple men in their lives. They have men who take care of their bills and men who fuck them.


This is why men need to be very wise and intelligent. You need to be very smart as a man. You need to stop wasting your money on a lady without getting down there. If you are spending money on her and she is not allowing you to fuck her, tell her to go to her father anytime she asks you to give her money or pay for anything. Tell her she is a bastard. Please send her home to her parents. I want to advise men to stop pretending and be real with these chicks.


Don’t pretend for any girl. If you want sex, let her know. Let her know that you are not an angel who doesn’t fuck. Tell her you are a man who is capable of having an erection. The reality is that some of these girls don’t care about your feelings. They don’t want to know how you feel. Most of them don’t care whether you are robbing to give them money. They just want the gifts and the money. They just want you to satisfy them. Please, he that spends money on a girl deserves a pussy.


Give them money and give them the dick. If they say they are only interested in the money and not the dick, tell them fuck you. Tell them to go to hell. If you strive to please someone, they must strive to please you too. You are not in this world because of anyone. Those who serve at the altar deserve to eat at the altar. If they want you to die with hunger, please stop serving them. Let them go to someone else who will continue to serve them foolishly. Someone who will continue to make sacrifices for them without asking for anything.


Back to my discussion on ehehwho gains more in relationships. If you go to most Nigerian churches, there are more bachelors there than in any other place. It is because the people are poor. Men don’t have money to get married. And the women are running out of age and praying for a man to locate them on time. This is so because in Africa, it is believed that men must take care of the bills. This is one of the many mistakes of our foreparents in Africa. I don’t know who told them that men are in this world to come and pay bills.


We need to challenge some of these old beliefs and obnoxious traditions. They are useless. It is because of some of these things that men die earlier than women in Africa. Men are victims of bills and bills and more bills. The society expects us to pay bills until we die. Honestly, there is no much gain for men in marriage. Sometimes it is better to make your money and spend it on yourself. You can spend your money travelling around the world and giving yourself a good treat. Work for your money and spend it on yourself.


If you need to fuck, you can pay for a pussy. If you need an orgasm, hire someone and pay them off. Stop wasting your money on marriage. There is nothing else to gain than the pussy. If there is anything else, please tell me. I want to know. Is there any other thing in marriage than a pussy waiting for you at home when you are back from work? And, getting married to a lady doesn’t mean you are the only one who is fucking her. The pussy is not entirely yours. It could be that it is just your turn!