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Leadership Expectations

There is a huge problem in the black community. One that almost guarantees that we will never grow beyond the achievements of our ancestor. And I know what you’re thinking. However, it’s not the lack of unity, the multifaceted avenues of drug abuse or black on black violence. No, this problem is much larger than that. It is a deep seeded problem that has become embedded in the very psychology of the black community. What is this horrible scourge that I speak of? This Boogie man? Our, “leadership expectations.” As strange and unlikely as it seems, black people have the highest expectations of all the races on the planet, which is a huge contradiction considering the condition of our community.
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We expect not only our leaders, but everyone around us to be infallible. Anytime someone among us achieves any type of success or exhibits any qualities of excellence, we being the process of looking for their flaws. Almost as if we can’t wait to see them fail.Image result for black people protesting obama

Which of course is inevitable. To err is human and none of us can ever achieve perfection. After all, perfection is not the nature of man. Man, is a creature who learns and evolves due to failure. If it were not for our flaws we would have no frame of reference. No reason to change. So why do we as blacks expect perfection?
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Especially from those whom we raise up as our leaders. Is it because of our indoctrination into Christianity? A religion built around the concept of a deity who comes to earth in the form of a flesh and blood man who’s described as being perfect. Is that the ruler by which we judge all leaders? Do we have a messiah complex? Or is due to the constant barrage of negative stereotypes that has been perpetuated about us throughout the short history of white supremacy?

Both theories seem sound. However, I believe it’s something much deeper and much more sinister. I believe the black community suffers from issues of insecurity. I believe that anytime we see a leader or prominent figure, we search for his flaws because we need the validation that he/she is not perfect, just like us. Truth be told, if Jesus were here today, we would crucify him ten times over. Why? Because he’s perfect. And if a man can achieve perfection, we’d be expected to achieve perfection. And that’s just too much work. This is especially true for the black community. With the current conditions, it doesn’t take much to rise above the fray. And those that do, are far from perfect. And therein lies the scapegoat. See, it’s much easier to find a flaw in Dr. King than to be like Dr. King. Image result for dr. martin luther king jr.Once we find the one flaw in our leader, no matter how small, we can proceed to take the moral high ground and dismiss him as a charlatan. Now we don’t have to bother ourselves with anymore of that pesky self-examination. Now we don’t have to change. We can slip comfortably back into entropy.

The irony of the situation is the fact that we never had the moral high ground in the first place.
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Those who are quick to judge another usually has more flaws than the man they accuse, which is why old perfect JC himself said, “let he who has no sin cast the first stone.” Unfortunately, this is a major problem. Without realistic self-examination, we will never be able to improve as individuals. And as time marches on, I can see us continuing to project our flaws and faults onto those brave enough to lead the charge in self-improvement. How many leaders must we crucify before we realize that the flaws we should be concerned about first are the ones we see whenever we are facing a mirror. Image result for malcolm x gun

In fact, it was JC again who said, “you cannot calm the storm outside, until you calm the storm within. The funny thing about it is, if we took the time to address our personal mental issues and began a path of responsibility, accountability and improvement, the lack of leadership will be irrelevant because we’ll have no need of leadership in the first place.

The Angryman