One of the biggest issues for men, regardless of race, to deal with is the type of woman they are encountering.   Are they encountering a little girl or a grown woman?   This issue is major because a significant amount of relationship chaos is caused by little girls.   When a handsome, hardworking, educated, financially secure man has a wife who wants to divorce him because he doesn’t bring flowers every single week despite making her life comfortable, he is dealing with a little girl.

Let’s be clear about some things.  When I talk about little girls I’m not talking about chronological age.  I’ve met little girls who were grandmothers.   To call an adult female a little girls speaks more to her emotional age.   Many, many, many women out here are still teenagers.   Now I know there are some mature teenagers.   This is deeper.  Let’s think about an actual chronological little girl.   They are very self-centered.  Everything is about their needs.   They want all attention on them.   Some mature out of this phase as they get older.  Some don’t.

The adult little girl will always be about her own needs.   When she gets in a relationship with a man it’s not because she admires that he is an educated, financially secure man who works to make a difference in the community.   What a man does to make the world a better place is irrelevant to the little girl.    The little girl is only concerned with what the man can do for her.   She wants a man to the extent he can sexual gratify HER and buy HER the material things that she wants.

Does this sound familiar to the men reading this article?

Does this sound familiar to the women reading this article?

Divorces and breakups occur when a man stops gratifying a little girl’s needs.   They can also occur when the little girl is no longer satisfied with the level of gratification she is receiving.   The little girl has a real issue with gratitude.   She is the type who will take for granted the material goods she gets from a man.   Even in the bedroom he could be giving her orgasms on a consistent basis but all of sudden it is not enough.    The little girl is never satisfied.   She is likely to look for another man to gratify her needs.

Now let’s contrast that with a grown woman.   First of all if a grown woman is with an educated, financially secure man who rocks her world in the bedroom she is going to be a happy camper.   The grown woman is going show her appreciation to that man every chance she gets.  She will make that man some biscuits and gravy.  A man will be lucky if a little girl microwaves a snack for him.    The grown woman is able to GIVE without a sense of loss.  Indeed as one grown woman who fixed a MEAL for me told me, “When I give, I get back even more.”   A grown woman will cook, give a blow job, shop for sexy lingerie, and make that man feel special.   At the same time she never has to worry that the man is with another woman.

So the key words here are important to know.   The little girl will TAKE from a man and give very little in return.   The grown woman will GIVE to a man and get a whole lot in return.

Often in relationship discussions so much is put on the men to act right.   Very little attention is paid to the actions of women.   For the men reading this understand whether you are dealing with a little girl or a grown woman.   Choosing the wrong one can mess your life up forever.