Love, happiness, harmony and idealism – these are all healthy yearnings for both men and women. We all secretly desire these envisioned goals, but we never stop to think: Will we ever be able to reach them, to experience them? We’re getting all serious and scientific here at Negromanosphere today, as we dig deep and ask an important question: Is there such a thing as real happiness and joy in human relationships? It is a big question, but successful men need to ask big questions, right?
All of you readers might be asking yourselves now, whether the feeling you experienced with that one girl a few years back, was real and precious. Feel those doubts starting to creep in? Yeah, there probably was something missing in that short tale, and we’re here to find out why. Will the rational, self-aware men ever feel love? Or is romantic love a myth for those who are easily led on?
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One thing we know for sure – the man’s world – is a harsh place.

Down to the Deep Roots
What do we mean when we say we should glance back down to the deep roots? Both to the roots of society and humans, but also to the roots of this Manosphere. One of our recent articles titled “Hypergamy: Why She WILL Branch Swing”, deals in detail with the subject of relationships on a deeper, subconscious level, and this subject is directly related to what we are discussing today.
All of us work on a pre-determined subconscious path – the decisions we make come from deep down under our skin, even though we might not realize it. We all just look for our ideal partner – and a part of us refuses to realize that an ideal partner might not even exist.
That’s why we’ll step out onto the thin ice here, and say that real, honest romantic love does not exists. Instead it is a complex set of emotions and chemical chain reactions that we are biologically MADE to feel. Once we achieve this goal for which we exist, we’re filled with a flood of dopamine and positive emotions – all of which we call love.

Create What You Desire
How can this world exist without love then? Good question. While it is a sort of a “biological whack-a-mole”, where we smash through the various subconscious needs that dictate our lives, there is still a higher, more conscious level, in which we can discover real, unfiltered love. But it is not a love between a man and a woman.
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It’s not the love for your family either – that’s a lot of different feelings, security, belonging, home, kin and parental love.
What is it then? It is the love of yourself. It takes a lot of livin’ and a lot of hard times to get to this stage. Here you see the small, subtle details of the world, of the way things are and most importantly – who you are and what is your role in it. When you recognize yourself and love yourself – you love the world around you. As they say – Once you start hating humanity, you will love the man.
So, we can say, happiness IS real. It just might not be what we usually think it is like. Sometimes we need to create that which we desire. In our minds, plant it in our soul.

The Comforting Illusions
Sometimes it’s easy to live in a world of comforting illusions. Moving from girl to girl, feeling that same ol’ “love” each time and seeing it break apart, each time. None of those was real then, was it? Patting yourself on the back, saying how you feel great and happy – when your life is nothing but a sad and empty affair. That’s simply fear. A fear of the truth which often stings.
You won’t be that guy.  Rational, successful and self-aware men don’t live in a world of illusions. They live in a world of harsh truths and hard earned joys. Realize the world for what it is – accept what’s on offer and look deeper into your relationship with the world and the people in it. It WILL do you good.

Alright, alright. The science hats are off now. But you still got the point. We, men, need to ask all kinds of big, revolutionary questions. Those men who DID ask questions were the living cornerstones of humanity.
So now at least you got a small insight into a deeper level of human relationships. Next time you feel you’re “in love” (if you still live enveloped in this myth) do yourself a favor and ask yourself what is it that you actually feel. Do you love the body, or the person inside it? I’m willing to bet that the answer is the former.
Thinking, gentlemen, thinking. It’s what sets us a bar above everyone else.