On the great stage on which the tragicomic story of our lives is unraveling, you too, are an actor. Whether or not you have an important role to play, is entirely up to you. If you’re content with being merely an extra, a character on the sidelines that nobody knows about, then this text isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you believe and wish for your role to be important, inspiring and memorable, then read on.
It’s no secret that in our time things are mixed up, values are misinterpreted and in the midst of it all the man is at a loss. And in this tornado of wrong values, many young guys lose confidence in themselves, manipulated by the society into developing into lost and empty men. Let’s try and shed some light on all the wrong things influencing men today, and present to all those in doubt – the right values and hard truths that a real man must accept in this hard time we face.

Destroying the Fairy-tale
Yes, you’ve read that right: Hard truths. Hard, bitter and tough to swallow. But in order to once again feel the liberating breath of fresh air that comes with being a free man, we must accept these truths. We must take up the sledgehammer of truth, and smash the f**k out of the fairy-tales we’re fed, those same tales that make men weak and lost.
You must see through them and understand what you’re losing and what you truly need. Simply – you need to rediscover the importance of yourself. Now here’s the joker – being a real, self-made man has the least to do with chasing women. If you are putting every effort to bettering yourself in order to put the woman on the pedestal, you’re in the wrong. You’ll still end up a plaything. Instead, you need to put the importance on yourself and become the object of desire – a prize for the woman who deserves to have YOU – a self-made, independent and ultimate man.

“A Dangerous Predator”: Seeing Through the 21st Century Woman
This perverted modern age has put the power into the hands of the woman. Little do they know, that this power holds no reward and no real meaning. For the true man that can see it. As the age has put immense importance on female beauty and sexuality it also created a false idea that women are to be worshipped. Don’t fail for this trap.
A beautiful and attractive woman is a dangerous predator. She knows that her beauty and the orifice hiding between her thighs are her ultimate, manipulative weapon. Through them she wields the power (or so she thinks). More than likely that’s the only thing she has for herself, and beneath it, she is empty, lost and, at the end of the day, sad. As she wields her weapon with inherent skill, she manipulates weak men who put her on the pedestal.
Knowing her values are simply physical, you look through and question her value as a person. Probably all you will see is a mess.
And she, she sees a man has arrived – a man on which her weapons have no effect, he didn’t fall into the trap. A man independent and free. An equally dangerous predator. She wants this man. The game begins.

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn
To reach the place where you equal your appearance to your independent thoughts, you need to pass through some dark and reforming paths. Renewal and re-forging desire a sacrifice. She needs to desire your mind as well as your body. That’s why we say it is always darkest before the dawn – to reach this state of freedom and independence you will have to pass through a dark solitude in which you need to craft yourself – body & mind. And as you do it you need to ask important questions, because after all, it is YOURSELF you are doing it for. What are your goals in life? What are your values as a man? Your achievements? And most importantly, what is your mission? To answer these questions should be the only important thing. All other things, women included, are unimportant and conquerable things.

Unbound and Free – The Desired Man
But like all things else, women will drift into your life. They’ll test you and question your worth. It’s how the world works. That’s where you need to triumph. Learn not to desire, and instead be the one who is desired. Learn to be independent from such simple things and find worth and value in things important to you, things that fulfill you. Think freely and in time you will know it. It is like a drug, overpowering the senses with the sweet taste of achievement and boundlessness, and soon you depend on it. In time you will exude this freedom and it will show you’re the man with the perfect values. And just like that, you are desired and craved for. Good work!

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