Earlier this week on my YouTube channel, I was bold enough to do something that very few men who are a part of what’s now known as ‘the manosphere’ would ever think about doing: I challenged the validity of the popular movement known as MGTOW (which stands for ‘Men Going Their Own Way’).

I basically stated in one of my YouTube video podcasts that there are at least two factions of the MGTOW movement that I am willing to acknowledge and generally offer my respect to. On the other hand, I expressed that there are other factions of MGTOW that I just recently became aware of that I simply refuse to acknowledge and will never view as valid.

MGTOW Men: Exactly Where Are These Men Supposed to be ‘Going?’

Men who follow and subscribe to the MGTOW philosophy claim that they are “going their own way.” My legitimate question is, “Just where is it these men are going? More importantly, where are these men coming from?”

MGTOW men generally see themselves as “anti-feminism,” “anti-gynocentrism,” and very “Red Pill Aware.” I do not necessarily have a problem with those objectives and principles.

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Many MGTOW subscribers believe in becoming voluntarily asexual and indefinitely celibate. No argument from me on this issue. If these men choose to be modern day “monks,” more power to them.  Good luck.

Many other MGTOW followers still believe in engaging in semi-regular or occasional episodes of short-term non-monogamous sexual enjoyment with women, but only if the woman is the initiator and the assertive one, leaving the man in the position to reciprocate the woman’s sexual desires and interests, or reject them. In addition, these particular MGTOW followers do not believe in marriage, long-term monogamy, or intentionally impregnating women and co-parenting with women. On this issue, I also have no problem with or harsh criticisms toward this particular faction of the MGTOW movement.

MGTOW Men as … Incorrigible Womanizers? Financially Generous “Tricks?” #NoWay

Recently, many men have made it clear to me that some MGTOW followers and subscribers also claim to be “prolific womanizers” and financially generous “tricks.” Okay. This is where I draw the line. How can one be an assertive and prolific womanizer – a ladies’ man who initiates conversations with women and actively pursues women for sexual companionship on a regular basis – but yet still be considered “going his own way?” This is the most ridiculous concept I have ever heard of.

I have my own acronym for these “add-on” factions of MGTOW that I have been made aware of: G.T.F.O.H.


In my book, The Beta Male Revolution: Why Many Men Have Totally Lost Interest in Marriage in Today’s Society, I divide all heterosexual men into four archetypes:

Total Alpha males
Alpha males with a few Beta traits & tendencies
Beta males with a few Alpha traits & tendencies
Total Beta males

Generally speaking, an “Alpha male” is a man who carries himself in a very confident, highly self-assured manner when socializing with women, and he is also very erotically dominant with women sexually in the bedroom.  An Alpha male will generally lead or even dominate every romantic and sexual relationship he is involved in with women.

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Conversely, a “Beta male” is a man who tends to be more compromising when dealing with women, more accommodating and helpful with women, more financially generous with women, more monogamy-oriented and family-oriented in his relationships with women, and he behaves in a manner that is far more fawning and deferential toward women than Alpha male types do. Beta males will generally allow women to dictate the terms and conditions of any romantic or sexual relationship that they are involved in with women.

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Because of the rise of the manosphere and many of the negative effects of the various ‘waves’ of feminism, Beta males have become much more “Red Pill Aware” and are beginning to rebel against the traditional beliefs and attitudes toward marriage, long-term monogamy, and raising children with women.

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Fact #1: No Womanizing Alpha Male Ever Needs to Refer to Himself as “MGTOW”

As I point out in my book, The Beta Male Revolution, very few if any true Alpha males feel romantically and/or sexually frustrated when it comes to their relationships with women. Alpha males generally ‘have their way’ with women. Therefore, there is no real need for any Alpha male to “go his own way.” Particularly, those Alpha males who I refer to as “Total Alpha males” (or “womanizing Alpha males”). Why would any man who is a womanizing Alpha male need to subscribe to the beliefs and tenets of MGTOW? That would be like a man who has already been a 15-year strict vegetarian going out of his way to declare himself publicly as a ‘raw vegan.’

To a slightly lesser extent, the same thing goes for the men who are Alpha males with a few Beta traits & tendencies. Sure, these men are a bit more monogamy-oriented and family oriented than the Total Alpha male types, but even these men are highly respected by their long-term romantic companions and spouses to the point where their female partners are always going to defer to them and these women will rarely if ever challenge their male leadership.

Fact #2: Only Beta Male Types Have a Genuine Motivation to Subscribe to the MGTOW Philosophy

Only the men who are Beta males with a few Alpha traits & tendencies and Total Beta male types will usually develop a motivation to want to follow a movement such as MGTOW. Because I am ridiculously biased toward my own concepts, I more so see these two types of men as actively engaging in more of a Beta Male Revolution than I view these same Beta male types as being legitimate followers of the MGTOW movement.  Especially if their objective is to still actively pursue women for sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.

Beta males are the men in society who are the most romantically and sexually frustrated when it comes to their social interactions with women. These are the men who spend the most money on women, who excessively flatter women the most, who maintain purely platonic friendships with women the most frequently, and who usually end up as the step-father to the biological children of one or more Alpha males.

In other words, for any MGTOW follower to believe that he is a “womanizing Alpha male” is nothing less than delusional and oxymoronic. This would be like a male stripper, a gigolo, or a male adult film (porn) star referring to himself as MGTOW. It would simply not make any sense at all.

You take me, for example.

I am . . .

– Red Pill Aware
– Not married, and never have proposed marriage to any woman
– Not a strong believer in long-term (“obligatory”) monogamy
– Not the biological father of any children (that I know of)
– Anti-Feminism
– Anti-Gynocentrism
– Against the idea of “fawning” over women or playing up to their egos excessively
– Against the idea of being any woman’s financially generous ‘trick’ and/or ‘Sugar Daddy’
– Sexually active with women, usually within the context of either a short-term non-monogamous relationship or a long-term non-monogamous relationship

So … with all of these attributes of mine, should I also consider myself MGTOW?

I surely will … on the exact same day President Donald Trump is elected the President of the N.A.A.C.P. and the U.S.A. becomes allies with North Korea.

In my (extremely biased) opinion, the Beta Male Revolution is far more relevant and valid in today’s dating scene than the MGTOW movement is. It is the Beta males of society that need to change their beliefs and attitudes the most drastically, and weed out all of their former “Blue Pill” social programming as it relates to interacting with women. The vast majority of Alpha males in society already know what’s up. The Alpha males of society have been “Red Pill Aware” since the early days of the Second Wave of Feminism. Alpha males are well aware of the fickle and spoiled ways of women and women’s sexually duplicitous nature.

Alpha males do not need to experience a transformation of any sort.

It is the Beta males who do. Most urgently.

The men who are actively involved in the Beta Male Revolution are on a mission …

… and that mission continues.

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