Nigerian politicians and their greed. The idiots have been decamping from one political party to another. There is no end to their foolishness and inhumanity. They keep decamping for their own personal gains, not because of their love for Nigerians. Nobody decamped for unpaid civil servants’ salaries in their respective states. Nobody decamped for the bad roads across the country since 1999. Nobody decamped for the jobs that ought to have been created for the unemployed youths since 1999.


Nobody decamped for the deplorable conditions of our hospitals. Nobody decamped for the unpaid pensioner in their respective states. Nobody decamped for the children who beg to clean our windscreen at  junctions in big cities like Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja. Nobody decamped for the sake of state citizens when their govenors loot the treasury. It is a pity. Nobody decamped for the billion dollars stolen in the name of power projects between 1999-2015.


The main reason they are decamping is to be able to regroup themselves, capture power and keep looting Nigeria again. Most of them are moving from the All Progressive Congress to the People’s Democratic Party. The idiots perforated PDP in the past with their greediness and moved to APC. Now, they have created holes in APC and they are quickly moving out. They want to make the country ungovernable for Muhammadu Buhari. They want to get him confused because he keeps fishing out thieves.


Buhari keeps fighting corruption and restructuring Nigeria. But the idiots are busy, running from one political party to the other, so that they can keep milking Nigeria and Nigerians dry. They keep criticizing Muhammadu Buhari but he keeps bringing changes to Nigeria, no matter how little they look. America congratulated him for a job well done in stabilizing the country, fighting Boko Haram and fighting corruption. Morocco appreciated him and wished he could rule Africa because of his sincerity and honesty, even with the bad nature of Nigerian politics.




Mauritian President called him the best president in Africa so far and urged Nigerians not to let this opportunity pass them by because people like Buhari only come once in  a while. Netherlands hosted him out of the whole presidents in Africa because he has refused to compromise with the deadly and political godfathers in Nigeria and promised to help him in eradicating poverty in Nigeria. Recently, he landed in Lome, Togo, only to be elected the ECOWAS Chairman.


The international community appreciates Buhari’s efforts in making Nigeria better but Nigerians themselves are insulting him everywhere. They said Buhari is not approachable. That he travels often. That he keeps gallivanting from one country to another. They have accused him of many things but they haven’t accused him of corruption. They haven’t accused him of looting the national treasury like most of them have done in the past and are still doing.


In 1999 when the PDP took over the reins of power, national assets like NITEL, NEPA, NIPOST, Nigerian Airways, NRC, Nigerian Shipping Line, Nigeria Machine Tools, DELTA STEEL, OSTM, National Oil, Nitex, Nascon, Dicon, MICHELIN TYRES, KADUNA TEXTILE, Nichemtex and NIC were all alive in 1999. Millions of Nigerians were working in those firms and contributing to the GDP. Poverty level was far lower. But by 2015, the PDP have killed and buried all the companies and wiped off over one million jobs and creating an army of unemployed in place.


The poverty that Nigeria is presently experiencing started decades back. It is not just starting today. The seed was sown long before Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo government came on board. PMB is not the genesis of your woes. He is not Nigeria’s problem. He is to fix the problems created by the PDP. He is to fix the broken bones of the economy of Nigeria. And putting fractured and broken bones together won’t be a week’s job. It can’t be done in a jiffy. It comes with a lot of initial pains. So, Nigerians, be patient!