The Negro Manosphere has taken the world by storm.  Also known as the Black Juggernaut, the Negro Manosphere website is being talked about in America, Europe, and Africa.   With one article that has gone viral and the promise of many more to come the Negro Manosphere has become the premier website discussing the contemporary issues of Black men.  It’s only the beginning.

I envision the Negro Manosphere becoming a billion dollar business enterprise providing jobs and opportunities to thousands of people all over the world.   Now I know that might seem a stretch for a website that isn’t even a year old yet.   Yet think about the strides made in less than a year.   The Negro Manosphere has an impressive group of dynamic writers who are providing provocative and hard hitting articles on a daily basis.   The Black Juggernaut has become the go to site for the man in Philadelphia and the man in Lagos, Nigeria.   So how does this translate into a billion dollars?  I’m glad you asked.  I’ll provide a scenario.

Even though the site is really just getting started there have been paid writers from the beginning.   As the traffic increases this translates to advertising revenue because businesses follow the eyeballs.   More money translates into writers going from freelance to staff positions where they can focus on continuing to provide quality work.    This translates to full-time editors and assistants.   This also translates into steady upgrades in the look and graphics on the site.    Photographers and even models can be hired.   As the site upgrades more money comes in and more jobs are created leading to more opportunities.

Right now the writers are producing commentary on a variety of subjects.   As the site grows reporters can be hired to write on the major events of the day.   Also the site can hire investigative journalists.   Imagine the Negro Manosphere being the news organ to break a story about toxic chemicals in a poor area or to expose political corruption.   The Negro Manosphere can take its place among major news websites.   Writing doesn’t have the only means of communicating information.

The Negro Manosphere can create live news broadcasts as well as talk shows covering a variety of topics important to Black men all over the world.   The Black Juggernaut can be the foundation of an Internet TV Network.   The site can produce documentaries as well as feature films.  Yes, feature films showing Black men in a positive light with distribution all over the planet.   Speaking of distribution let’s get back to writing for a second.

The Negro Manosphere doesn’t have to limit itself to an online presence.   Despite the popularity of online content people still buy magazines and books.   The website can develop a subsidiary whose sole purpose is publishing.   Several magazines ranging from business, to sports, to pop culture can be published and distributed globally.   With the writers who are the foundation of the website, several books on a variety of subjects can be published.

So far the media potential of the Negro Manosphere has been covered.   That by itself can potentially get the company to a billion dollars.   We live in an age where despite everything happening in the global economy, anything dealing with the media has been growing.  There is still another area that can be explored.   That area is personal development.

The foundation of the website is ultimately focused on making better Black men.   The Negro Manosphere can go beyond the Internet in this regard.    I envision Men’s conferences, workshops, and seminars.   Imagine the most dynamic speakers going on multi-city tours.   Tours that can be covered by the media organs owned by the Black Juggernaut.    Think about the money making potential with such tours.

These are just brief ideas I’m throwing out.   The beauty is that not only would the Negro Manosphere make money but also secondary businesses.   Conferences would have to be held at hotels or conferences centers.   Transportation companies could transport set-ups for conferences across the country and the world.   Outside marketing agencies can be employed if the website doesn’t set up its own marketing company.  As I said earlier the sky’s the limit.

Now some people may say I’m just dreaming.   Naw I’m a visionary.   I see potential.   Every single billion dollar company started off as a vision.   The Negro Manosphere started off as a vision in the mind of one man, Oshay Duke Jackson.   Look how far it’s come in a short period of time.   Think about where the site will be in ten years.

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