So the other day I’m in the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon with my woman doing some shopping. I had plans making her dinner-some good mushroom chicken and some white wine coupled up with some good conversation. You know good vibes.

We have basically bought everything and the one thing remaining is the wine. So we head on to the liquor store to get some.

And there lies some dude, about 5’8 with big hands which he shows off in a Jordan’s vest and a big beard- the guy looked a little like Idris Elba but just a little more dangerous. I picked it up immediately he was Nigerian.

He’s in the whiskey section and he looks a bit confused as to what to pick between Jameson and Jack Daniels. That’s when he looks at my woman from top to down, gives her a cheesy look and asks her what she would pick. Mind you he totally disregards my presence.

My chick is first of all taken aback but she soon composes herself, gives me a quick glance before answering; it depends.

Nigerian guy: On what?

My chick: What you want it for

Nigerian: Well, my rich friends from the UK are flying in today and we’re looking to have a little welcome party. You know good food, good music, some whiskey and a little bit of weed *chuckles*

My chick *partially excited* Then pick Jameson, it’s more of a party drink

Nigerian guy: And I will do just that…you’re the best….and nice dress by the way…

My chick: *blushing* thanks

Nigerian: *the asshole in him totally awakened now* you should come by the way…it’ll be fun…*looks at me for the first time…you can bring him too…

My chick: *Now panties totally wet* some other time…

Nigerian guy: Cool, see you around….

Now I consider myself pretty confident with women…I’m kinda cute…have an ego from here to Cuba and I have had my fair share of snatch. Like if I walk into a room, I’m always assured 2 or 3 girls in that room would want to know me a little better or are attracted to me.

Even with all these attributes, I still felt intimidated by this Nigerian broad who had the audacity to holla at my woman while I was just standing there. And here is the thing, my chick whom I kid you not loves me to death was falling for it. I’m not so sure how the situation would have panned if she was alone.

And I’m not alone, many men have fallen victim to the whims of a Nigerian man and their women have been taken away from them never to return. Ask around especially in the UK and many old Caucasian women have fallen prey to these men only to have all their bank accounts totally washed out and the man nowhere to be seen.

These Nigerian brothas are smooth and they are basically everywhere. Now the question is this? Why do they have so much game? Why are they full of themselves and why do they convert like crazy with women?

Well, the first thing is that they are confident AF. When an average guy see a hot woman he likes and wants to take home and fuck the brains out, he’ll start creating all manner of excuses and building up walls in his brain which prevent him from approaching the chick….Like shit, I didn’t take a shower before I came to the store, she might notice and reject me…what if her boyfriend is around too…I don’t want trouble…I have a girlfriend….blah blah…

A Nigerian man has not time to for that crap, he doesn’t wait any second pondering on it as he just approaches her. She might not be interested but what the hell, he still did it as opposed to you who just stared from afar. Women on the other hand are suckers for confidence so more often than not they come out with at least a number.

The other attribute Nigerian men possess is the ability to be flashy and ostentatious. Like that guy at the store was hollaing at my chick….he said his rich Nigerian friends from the UK. Now that’s enough to make a woman interested. Furthermore they dress well, smell good and mention big things. They do things big things too as a Nigerian man is not afraid to ask a lady to tag along all her friends and they pop bottles upon bottles of Moet. He’s not afraid to give her his credit to go and do some shopping or basically spend on herself.

And if you check out his instagram, it’s full of flashy cars, houses and watches…hey, they might be the friends but who cares. When it comes to women, it’s not about the guy who has the money but the guy who’s willing to spend it most.

Now how do you expect to score with hot attractive women with your average look, average dates and basically average lifestyle?

The other attribute these Nigerian brothas hold is the ability to woo and seduce women. They are romantic, engaging, caring and know exactly what to tell women. They open doors, pull chairs, pay attention, give complements and shit like that which women fall for. Take a 56 year old single woman, a widower probably on the verge of retirement and with no nothing to live for. Then he meets a 28 year old man who never forgets to tell her she’s gorgeous, pulls up a seat when they go out to eat and whispers sweet nothings all the time. This woman would do anything for this man; she would even transfer all her assets to him.

Lastly, Nigerian men are natural born athletes with the kind of bodies women yearn for. Couple it up with some gym time and they become machines. They can basically go the whole night while you can’t even a handle a meager 20 minutes of intense sex.  What I’m I trying to say here….hit the gym, maintain a good figure and improve your stamina-it goes a long way.