Religion has eaten so deeply into the inner fabric of an average Nigerian that most of us have lost our ability to think accurately. We no longer consider it necessary to think on our own. We rely on pastors for almost everything. We consult them for every issue. We wait for them to tell us what to think and what to do. They tell us what to eat and what to wear. They tell us where to go and what to speak. They tell us everything. We are like puppets in the hands of these pastors. They see us as robots who can’t reason by themselves. It is not their fault. We are the ones who have given ourselves to their ropes. Now, they can drag us anyhow and anywhere.

It is not a bad thing to be religious, but it is a bad thing to be religiously stupid. It is a bad thing when a human being cannot reason on his own. When a full adult depends on other people to tell him what to do and how to live. This is the situation with most Nigerians and Nigerian pastors. These pastors are called spiritual leaders. They sit on a throne, like kings. They teach. They instruct. They see visions. They proffer solutions, sometimes. They judge people and dissect them. They know what is good and what is bad. They know everything. And therefore, Nigerians troop to them, because they feel these pastors have a solution to their many problems.

It must be noted that Nigerians worship pastors more than they worship Jesus Christ. They grovel at the feet of these pastors like deranged people. They humble themselves before these pastors. They praise them. They lick their asses. Nigerians are gullible people. That is why these pastors continue to deceive them. Pastors who hide under the umbrella of religion to rob people. They hide under the canopy of spirituality to cajole and deceive people. You would think they are spiritual. The truth is that majority of Nigerians are religious but not spiritual, including these professional robbers who call themselves pastors. You can argue with me but I know that if we were spiritual, Nigeria wouldn’t be this bad.

Now, this is where I’m going. Because most Nigerians are unreasonable, when you talk about a particular pastor and his weaknesses, and how that pastor should check himself and correct his mistakes, instead of Nigerians to look at the matter objectively, they will rather call you negative names. They will say you are a devil, an Antichrist, a bastard. They will defend these pastors and support their wrongdoings. They will always back their fathers-in-the-Lord. They forget that these pastors are humans too, and therefore, susceptible to mistakes and errors. Nigerians believe that everything that comes from their ‘General Overseers’ come directly from God. They don’t have the time to reason. They are too busy.

I wrote some things about some Nigerian pastors on this blog last week. The article that I wrote last week is below:


I have seen reactions from their gullible and unreasonable followers. They are angry because I spoke against their spiritual fathers. These stupid people who rob their fellow men and see nothing bad in it. They cheat their brothers and sisters and go freely without feeling any remorse. They forcefully take what doesn’t belong to them. They occupy political offices and steal what belongs to the citizens. They see nothing wrong in that. But they see me as a devil when I write against their spiritual leaders because I speak against their corruption. Not good enough. It’s just not fair. We must reason with both sides of our brains. We must be unprejudiced.

Meanwhile, I’m not bothered about your anger. I honestly don’t care whether you get angry or not. You and your anger can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. I have seen a lot of Nigerian women who don’t respect their husbands but who can easily bow down and roll themselves on the floor for their pastors. Hypocrites! I have seen a lot of young Nigerians too who don’t take care of their parents or respect their parents. They take care of their pastors and respect them more than they respect their parents. This is not too good. These pastors don’t usually feel much concerned about the economic situation in the country because their followers must bring tithes and offerings. Pastors are getting fatter while followers are getting lean day by day. It is well, they will say. That is the common language from these pastors. But we know that it is not well.