1. Identify Your Potential

A lion knows its potential and what it carries. You need to understand and identify your gifts, passions and abilities as a black man. You need to know your worth so that people don’t keep treating you like a doormat. The lion knows that all animals fear him and he uses that to his advantage. You need to know your abilities and talents if you want to succeed as a black man.

2. Talk About Your Strengths

The lion roars. It doesn’t believe that roaring will scare away its preys. The world doesn’t know what you stand for until you talk about it. You need to show the world what you carry and what you can do. You need to roar if you want the world to know you and take you seriously. If you don’t blow your own trumpets, the world will snatch it from you and blow it for you.

3. Learn To Socialize

The lion socializes. It is a social animal. The lion doesn’t always move alone. It moves in the company of other lions. It moves with its families and they prey together. If they see any prey, they hunt together and bring it down.
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As a black man, learn to work with other black men to achieve progress on time. It is good to be alone occasionally but not all the time. You need to draw strength from other black men.

4. Learn To Work

The lion works. It struggles. A lion can struggle for a while day with nothing to show for it. But when it eventually catches a prey, it can rest for twenty hours. Don’t expect everything to come to you comfortably. Sometimes you will have to struggle to get some things done, just like the lion doesn’t always expect meat to come to him while lying down. Work, struggle, then learn to rest when you get tired.

5. Leave Your Comfort Zone

The leaders in the lions kingdom don’t sit down comfortably. They are always in the war front. The king, the queen, and the cubs. They go out. They don’t expect things to happen to them. They happen to things. Don’t always expect success to fall on your laps as a black man. Go and connect to it.

6. Don’t Get Distracted

The lion is always focused. It doesn’t get distracted from it prey.
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It doesn’t allow himself to get distracted. No matter how big other other animals that cross its path, he doesn’t take its eyes off its prey. He is always focused on its target. Learn to be focused as a black man. It will help you achieve more. There is no gain in allowing yourself to be distracted. Know what you are doing and maintain your focus.

7. Embrace Failure

The lion doesn’t die chasing a prey. If the pray escapes, the lion will leave it and turn back and look for another prey. The lion has learnt to embrace failure and then try again another time. It doesn’t give opportunity for depression. It believes that the struggle continues. As a black man, if you fail today, it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed tomorrow. You should embrace failure and evolve each time you face them.

8. Don’t Ignore Your Family

No matter how fearful the lion is, it plays with its family. It is jovial. It plays with its cubs and the lioness. Don’t ignore your family, no matter the position you find yourself. Embrace them. Play with them and joke with them.

9. Learn To Survive

Survival is everything in the lions kingdom. Lions don’t just harm anyone without any reason. But when someone tries to mar their territory, life and family, they leave no stone unturned in giving a tough fight. We should learn to concentrate on making life better for ourselves as black men.
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However, if someone is trying to ruin our career or life, instead of getting disappointed, we should fight back and overcome such people.