No politician and no leader can encounter the bad fortune that President Muhammadu Buhari did in the case of Boko Haram, bandits of Zamfara, farmers/herders clash, economic recession, and still retain his popularity and trust with the masses. We know how uneasy it could be. Whatever happens, it is the head that is always blamed. Criticism here and there, but the son of Daura keeps going. It is impossible for a man who governs a whole nation not to be criticised, no matter how little.

Probably no Nigerian politician has so much public trust, so large a reservoir of goodwill, so big a savings account (opened and operated for the past 40-45 years), so much political IOUs which he can convert into political capital in case of either personal mistakes or the mistakes of his aides. No politician with so little money to throw could assemble so big a crowd of supporters. When errors of judgment occur, there is no Nigerian politician whose teeming supporters are ready to forgive and forget and understand and accept that his errors are honest mistakes all made in a zeal to serve them.

In the history of Nigerian politics and Nigerian politicians, Buhari is an unusual, abnormal, atypical, peculiar, bizarre, unconventional, unexpected, unfamiliar, strange, odd, curious, out of the ordinary, and an extraordinary kind of politician never seen before in the Nigerian political terrain. Buhari is an enigma wrapped in a mystery inside a puzzle. He resembles none but himself. How does one define or rationalize Buhari? If you say he is a phenomenon , you would be right. If you say he is using charm, some would also believe you.

The Army under Buhari has fought Boko Haram to a standstill, rescued some Chibok Girls, sanitized Areppo, forced Niger Delta militants to negotiation, thought IPOB and MASSOB how to observe the rule of law. The untouchables like Tompolo are in hiding. Those who thought they were bigger than Nigeria have understood otherwise. Gani Adams, Dokubo Asari, Uwazuruike, Ateke Tom and their likes now know the limit of their shenanigans. Even Nnamdi Kanu is secretly negotiating for freedom. You may not like Buhari but he is trying his best.

Buhari is unwavering in his anti-corruption war. We are getting results that have surpassed all of the results of former regimes put together. The former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki and over 26 retired and serving Army Generals are facing trial. That was unthinkable in the past. And their civilian counterparts are not left out.
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With hooligans like Obanikoro, Olisamethief, Fani-KayoStole and the rest returning stolen monies and judicial criminals being arrested, the battle is getting set. The recent one is the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria for corruption charges.

Despite organized sabotage by corrupt politicians and other ignorant elements in our society, Buhari is trudging forward. Although, President Buhari needs to speed things up and he needs to restructure our systems and bring about true federalism that will help component units become productive and useful to the whole. We have to understand that nobody can fix Nigeria in one day. Even God believes in process, He is not in partnership with magicians. Buhari has not solved all our problems, but we are making progress. Don’t let your hate becloud your sense of value judgment.
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