The inability to manage emotions has sent many a man to unexpected places. Emotional intelligence is a very crucial thing. If a man doesn’t know how to control his emotions, his emotions will control him. Many men have sent themselves to prisons or early graves because they couldn’t control their emotions. It is impossible not to get pissed off by people occasionally. There is no how people won’t offend you. Your ability to manage anger, and be internally grounded so that you don’t misbehave, is what makes you a wise man.

I think we need to learn how to direct our anger towards situations instead of directing it to people. We need to learn how to manipulate anger instead of allowing anger to manipulate us. This is not an easy thing, I must say. It requires practice but it is possible. When problems arise, we shouldn’t focus on people. We should rather focus on the problem and think of solutions. The same way, when people make us angry, we should focus on why they make us angry and look for solutions, so that we don’t do something stupid.

Most times, the aftermath of uncontrolled anger is always bigger than the cause of the anger itself. A lot of times, behind every uncontrolled anger that led to eternal regret is a little issue that could have been properly managed or resolved. Men must learn to choose their emotions. We should not allow our emotions to choose us. We should learn to be masters of our emotions, not slaves to them. A man who doesn’t master his emotions will be mastered by his emotions. And the results could be catastrophic!

I heard the story of a man who saw his wife getting drilled in his own house by another man. He couldn’t believe his eyes! He was so angry that he picked an iron bar and hit the other man on the head. The man fell and died instantly. The police heard, arrested the husband and he was sent to twenty years imprisonment by the court. When the man came back from prison, his wife had already had three children from another man. He looked back at his life and his stupidity and felt sorry for himself. He could’ve been sent to life imprisonment because of his anger.

It is necessary to learn to accept situations as they come and work towards making them better intelligently. It is necessary to let go of what we can’t control. The best solution to some life’s problems is not to react. Or to just smile and let them go. You can’t control everything in life. There are things that are beyond our control and we just need to accept them the way they are or we will end up in trouble if we try to resist. He is a wise man who knows the difference between what he can control and what he can’t control.

We need to understand that there is a limit to how we can control other people. You only have power over yourself. You don’t have power over others. You can only influence people, you can’t control them, especially if they are not under your authority. Even there is still a limit to how you can control those who are under your authority. Humans loves freedom. Everyone wants to be able to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. Everyone likes to do what is good for them. If you don’t understand this principle, you will always be in friction with people.

If another man calls your wife on phone, your wife probably gave him her phone number. If your wife hangs out with another man, she made that decision by herself. If another man drills your wife, your wife is interested in the man, as long as it is not rape. It is not the man’s fault. Your wife gave him the permission. Your wife did it willingly. An intelligent man will not fight with another man for drilling his wife, as long as it is a consents sex and not rape. It is your wife that you have issues with, not the other man.

I encourage men to deal with situations intelligently. If a man smashes your wife and you kill him and go to jail, a thousand other men will smash your wife. They will smash the pussy you are trying to protect and you wouldn’t even know. Your wife will have enough time to ride enough other men while you rot in jail because of your stupidity. You can’t control what people choose to do with their private parts. This may seem a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth. If you can’t stand a cheating wife, simply walk away or divorce. It is better than to find yourself in jail for murder.

I have always told people that nothing is entirely yours in this world. The problem with we humans is our entitlement mentality. We try to own things and people. We get too attached to things and people that life becomes problematic and unbearable when those things and people are taken away from us. Everything you have in the world is not yours. It is borrowed. If you view life this way, your life will be very simple. You really don’t need to fight for anything except your your dream. The only thing that should matter to you is your survival, not a pussy.

Men need to understand that nothing is yours. It is only your turn. Enjoy whatever opportunity you have now while it lasts. It may go to another person tomorrow. Life is kaleidoscope. It turns. We should let go of the need to control people or situations. This is what breaks us down most of the time: the need to control people and situations that are beyond our control, and to feel entitled to people and things. Sometimes it is better to let things be as they are. Sometimes it is better not to react. Sometimes it is better to just breathe. And smile. And let go. This will help us a lot. And save us from many troubles.