One of the biggest issues men have when they actively participate in this thing of ours called game is that they feel that their looks will work against them.  They feel that since they don’t have model good looks that women will not find them attractive.   It’s interesting that these same men can never explain why some average or ugly dude has a fine woman on his arm.  Some will say money but the average/ugly dude is wearing clothes from a discount store and driving a car from the nineties.

Yeah several dating coaches, seduction gurus, and well-meaning Grandmothers will tell men how to get past average looks but dudes don’t want to listen.   I’ve done several articles and videos on the subject matter.   Trust me I know.   It’s not like I have a huge Instagram following based on my smile.  There’s one angle I haven’t talked about with regard to the issue.   There is a way an average/ugly man can win out over a handsome man.
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  Let me give y’all some game.

First let’s be real about it.  A handsome man has a leg up in the game.   He’s going to get a woman’s attention.  You know it, I know it, and the Great Pumpkin knows it.    Don’t let that handsome man be tall and muscular wearing grey sweatpants.   Women will go on Facebook live on the spot.   If the dude can put two sentences together he’s in.   He just got through the door though.   He still has to be able to stay in the house.

When a woman sees a man who looks physically attractive to her she immediately thinks in terms of gratification.   When women interact with men they want to feel a certain way.   These feelings women look for are similar to the feeling one has when they use alcohol or drugs.   Women look to be romantically intoxicated by a man.   They are like drug addicts in this regard.  Instead of tapping their arms they tap their thighs.   They are looking for that fix.   They assume that this handsome man will give them this fix.
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   That doesn’t always happen for several reasons.

First of all many men, including handsome men, don’t realize that women have a need to be intoxicated.   Publicly women say they want a good man who is a provider and will treat them nicely.  They don’t admit they want to be strung out on a man.   Since the handsome man gets a lot of attention and chances with women he doesn’t realize he has to still bring more to the table than a nice smile and a third leg.   As a result women go into an encounter with such a man thinking they will be gratified and it doesn’t happen.   The problem is that expectations have not been met.   Women will actually get mad at the handsome man for not gratifying them.

Now someone may ask how this helps the average looking man.  Very simple.   When women meet an average looking man there are no expectations.   This is where a man can make his move.
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  Since there are no expectations anything he does positive to tap into her addiction will make him look better in her eyes.   He has no place to go but up.   The average man can show a woman something new.

The thing with the average looking man is that he had to develop some skills in dealing with women.   He couldn’t rely on his looks because they weren’t working for him anyway.   So he had to learn how to make her laugh.  He had to learn how to talk to women.   He had to learn how to make her scream in the bedroom.  All those skills give the average looking man the ability to gratify a woman and thus an advantage over a good looking man.