Let’s be raw for a moment.   I’ve been telling men how to get sex from attractive women for well over twenty years.   One of the biggest problems I have found with men is that many lack confidence with women not because of any mental or character traits.   Many of these men have proven themselves to be very talented in terms of their intellect and the skills they have developed to aid them in this thing we call life.   Many of these men are successful financially.  Despite what they have going for them these men still have trouble with women.   The trouble always stemmed from their physical appearance.

Many men feel like their physical appearance is a deterrent to getting quality female companionship, particularly sex.  Indeed each of these men has at least one story of being rejected because of some aspect of their physical appearance.   For one man it may be that he is ugly.  Another man may be shorter than average.   Still another may be overweight.   Some men have been rejected because they were too slim.   As a result of these rejections these men feel like they have an insurmountable obstacle in their pursuit of sexual fulfillment.   I’m here to tell you that any man can overcome any physical shortcoming.

Let’s get some perspective on the physical attractiveness thing.   The reality is that every single man is handsome to SOMEBODY.  Every single man is also UGLY to somebody.   Very few men have physical features that will appeal to the majority of women that see them.   Very few men are going to be handsome, tall, and muscular.   99 percent of men are going to have some type of shortcoming to some woman.  There are men who are tall but they are ugly and skinny or overweight.   There are handsome men who are muscular but they are short.   Every man is going to have something going against him.  Who the heck cares?

The first thing a man must do is stop worrying about the things he can’t control.   A man has no control over his genetic code.   A man can work to put on muscle or to lose body fat but there will only be so far he is able to go.   A man has to first accept what nature has given him and work with it.    A man with an ugly face can still practice good grooming and keep his teeth straight.   He might even consider glasses to enhance his look.   As far as his body he can still hit the gym.   Now there’s not much he can do about his height.  He can still be mindful of his posture.   Short men don’t need to slouch.

Past the physical aspect an unattractive man needs to work on the positive aspects of his personality.   Is he a bold man?  Is he a natural leader?  Is he naturally outgoing?  Can he make a woman laugh?   A man can control his personality because it’s intangible and there is no limit to the mental traits a man can develop if he is willing to work on himself.  A physically unattractive man needs to have a positive attitude which leads to my next point.

When women say they want a tall handsome man with muscles it’s not really the physical aspect they want.   Let me repeat that.  It’s not the physical aspect that the women are looking for.   Women are looking for what they think they will get from a man with the physical aspect.   They think they will get gratification from being with such a man be it physical or mental.   An unattractive man can win by being able to provide that gratification.   It’s the substance that women are really want.    A common statement made by women is when they meet a tall handsome man is, “He was all right until he opened his mouth.”   Their meaning is that these good looking men were not able to deliver the gratification.

Regardless of what a man looks like, at the end of the day he still has to make the woman feel good.   The men who can develop this skill will win with women despite otherwise losing the genetic lottery.