In Africa, family is everything. You can have all the wealth in the world but with a family that feuds, your peace is at lost. This is possible because family is part of everything you do, especially the extended family. When you’re rich and your family struggles for the basics, you are not a rich man. When you have issues with family and you take your bags and run away, you’ve just postponed your sanity. Some people have learned the hard way.


When you have issues with a close family member and the family is torn apart, going your way for the sake of peace is fictional. To have peace, you would have to address the situation. Find out why you guys fell apart and make the sacrifice of going away only when you have calmly addressed the feud. That is the one way to find lasting sanity.


One warning that this piece should carry should be that it might be too emotional and logical from the point of view of an outsider who has only watched the P-Square brand grow from strength to strength in Nigeria and beyond despite the author’s indifference to their style of music. But does the writer of this piece think that the duo has made an amazing dance group? Maybe, yes – there is almost no other group in Nigeria that sings and dances. Does the author believe that P-Square has made impressive music? Maybe! The brothers have stayed around for a while and something has to be fine about their kind of music. However, it is almost uncategorized and it may not be bad.


A couple of weeks ago, the news had it that P-Square were in another fight. It is almost no news that the brothers are in a fight. They fight and get back together and clink glasses to multiple sales of concert tickets. Many times, their wives have been rumored to have triggered their differences. But when a thing happens around here, people are too sane to talk about it with an objective mind. There is usually a scapegoat and anyone can make that list. Again, the news of their fight did not come as relevant news but to lazy bloggers that couldn’t carry other news. It was one of those things we read a year ago when the brothers were said to have fought and shortly after the fight, they promoted their music and sold out tickets. They had done songs about going their separate ways and their fans had been divided.


This latest fight came as blank as before – almost everyone speculated that they are about to sell out a concert venue for another show and that they were too petty to not come out straight with the proposal. While we waited for a confirmation of their pettiness, a video that was recorded on a mobile device surfaced on the Internet. The brothers had almost engaged each other physically and had used foul language on each other. The Internet reacted and the majority of the opinion was that it was a heightened game. The director of their little scheme had probably become more creative but today, the Internet got another shocker. Mr Peter, one of the duo was in a photo, flanked by some serious faces in the entertainment business. He had signed a distribution deal as a solo artiste. And this truly is a great spin, if they are still committed to the earlier script.


I don’t think that the duo of P-Square makes great music. They have worked quite hard and over time we have become used to their sound and even when they make collaborations, it still does not make great difference but they have been the brothers that have stayed together, danced together and become successful from being around and making what we have to sadly agree as afro pop music. If they were to go their separate ways, and talents has not been the focus of their drive, I think that the brand would die. They may have to work on their differences and unite to sustain their brand. This is not like Zayn and One Direction. The Mr Peter brand can’t even impress his own wife.


One thing that triggered this piece is that Mr P of P-Square rushed to sign a fresh deal with an international distribution agency as a solo artiste instead of fixing the disagreement in his house. You cannot exist with someone for over 30 years and they suddenly become demons. Family feud hurts everyone. One way to stay sane in Africa is to resolve issues around family first before taking revenge. It would make a rather formidable house if the twins can talk about their troubles and agree peacefully to walk away instead of doing it in anger. When family feuds, the empire crumbles and people who should have not opinion about the family become experts. Maybe Mr P could have put out the fire in his house before making his move to being a solo artiste but again, the Internet never forgets. We hope to be disappointed.