According to The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), R. Kelly is one of the best-selling music artists in the USA but unfortunately his personal life is full with tabloid scandals.

In time, people really started hating him even more so below we’re going to enlist five reasons why R.Kelly has a bad image in the public’s eye.
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Sex scandals

We know from the leader integrity literature that professional behavior always influences perceptions of integrity, but the behavior in many leaders’ personal lives are doubtful to say at least.

If we’re talking celebrities, their personal lives can be contaminated with sex scandals and R.Kelly is no exception to that. In fact, R.Kelly’s sex scandals are really hateful to a conscious person.

People fear cults

People fear cults and for your average person, cults have a series of bad effects which cause both physical and emotional harm to human beings.

American also has a bad history with cults so for R.
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Kelly the accusations of being involved in a sex cult would only damage his public image even more.

He’s cheesy

As simple as that: R.Kelly gets too cheesy with his music at times.
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For example:

I like her, I like her, I like her
Wait, I like her too, I like her too
And her friend too, and her cousin too
And her sister, and her mother
And her, her, her, her, her big grandma
From the hood to the fuckin’ industry
Even the Statue of Liberty

Need we say more?

He’s old and still dresses like a pimp

R.Kelly’s personal style is unfit for his age. Back when he was younger, dressing like a pimp made more sense but today when he’s approaching his 50, his outfits don’t make any sense whatsoever especially when he has a long history of sex scandals.

Kelly should get himself a stylist and stick to wearing clothes more-fit for his age. And that’s for his own sake.

He never really wants to take blame for anything

R.Kelly never wants to take blame. On the contrary, he was always strong in his belief that he is in fact right and innocent. Even after his own brother admitted that he was asked to take the fall in R.Kelly’s child-pornography case, the singer still refused to admit to anything.

Obviously, not taking any blame despite proven accusations annoys the public the most.