It seems that a lot of people are still thirsty for the ’90s sex symbol Carmen Electra after Netflix and ESPN documentary The Last Dance featured details about Denis Rodman’s relationship with model Carmen Electra during the Chicago Bulls 1997-98 season. More specifically, more than 580k people went on PornHub to search for Carmen Electra’s work after the showed premiered with the XXX website even publishing a statistic on this matter:

PornHub’s demand for Carmen Electra was actually way bigger if we’re talking the entire week, with more than 1.7 million searches being related to her name. To compare, there were just 14,796 searches the day the show aired, and then they shot up to 393,000 the day after.

This pattern compares to previous celebrity search increases including Maitland WardKylie Jenner and Belle Delphine when they were featured in pop culture media just to name a few. If you didn’t know by now, Dennis Rodman became a key player for the Bulls due to Scottie Pippen’s early season injury, and after Pippen’s return Rodman who won the fan’s hearts felt displaced and suffered a dramatic loss in form and accuracy.
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After having serious trouble with drinking and partying, at some point Rodman approached coach Jackson and said that he needs a vacation to Las Vegas to find himself in a better mood. This is when the one and only Michael Jordan stepped up and told his coach that there’s a real chance Rodman won’t be “seen again” if he agrees to let him enjoy his Las Vegas vacation. However, coach Jackson surprisingly agreed to the requirement and Rodman took his girlfriend Carmen Electra on a “wild” trip to Vegas, as the sex symbol recalls.
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Carmen also recalls how Dennis was a party animal and could not live without going out to clubs, partying until early hours and having the wildest life possible, even if he was a pro athlete. You can check out the trailer for the documentary below.

What do you think, is Carmen Electra too burned out to become relevant again? Comment below.