President Muhammadu Buhari is back to Nigeria. Nigerians have suddenly forgotten about their hunger and they are now celebrating the return of the lion to the jungle. Or, have we forgotten that Nigeria is a jungle where animals eat animals? People get angry any time I call Nigeria an Animal Kingdom. They get pissed. They fume and rage. They shout and bark that they are not animals. It is okay. But the reality will continue to live with us. We can deny whatever we want to deny but not reality.

First of all, our president has been away from our country for about three months. What we were told was that he was going abroad for medical treatment.
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It is good. It is good to be healthy. It is good to look for treatment when you are sick. It is good to find somewhere to rest when you need rest. I understand that it is not an easy task to lead a country. And that, once in a while, you will need to find a place to cool off your head. It is a good thing. You must not die because you are leading a country.

However, I have a few things to say on Buhari. He fought for the presidential position. He contested. He campaigned. He said we should vote for him. He promised us all sort of things. Stable electricity. Good roads. Good health system. Restructured educational system. Stipend for the unemployed youths. Creation of employment opportunities. Potable water. Security. Everything that other presidents who have ruled since 1960 promised. He promised us that we would live like kings in our own country. And we voted for him.

We entrusted our lives into his hands. We believed in his promises to lead us to the promised land. Buhari actually raised our hopes for a better Nigeria. And, we, also, allowed our hopes to be raised. We believed in him too much. We see him as our Messiah. Our Saviour. Someone who will take all our sorrows away, who will wipe our tears away and replace it with smiles on our lips. Well, he probably tried doing so. Maybe he wanted to do so. Maybe the forces against him are too much. But I’m very sure that Nigerians suffered in the hands of Buhari during his first year of ruling.

We suffered and complained. We suffered in silence. We cried. We begged. We prayed. We fasted. We did everything we could. Prices of goods escalated in the market. The dollar rose. Our currency lost value. People started looking for ways to survive. Those who couldn’t live anymore died. That was the tribulation for the first year of Buhari’s administration. We endured. They said everything will be okay. We accepted and endured. Buhari said we should give him little time to balance things. We did. We were patient.

At the end of the first year, nothing happened. We waited and waited and got tired of waiting. But there is nothing we can do. Eventually, Buhari had to come out to tell Nigerians that things have been spoilt beyond normal.
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He said we should give him more time. We did. That was when he started developing ear problems. He went abroad to treat himself, leaving us behind with our problems and hunger. When he came back, he started hunting corrupt politicians. He distracted us. And we got distracted, too.

Nigeria has many problems. We know this. Buhari has been feeding us with hope. And maybe, lies. Telling us that he will fix the many problems of Nigeria. But he has fixed nothing. For now, nothing is working in Nigeria. During the first year of his administration, he was travelling about. Flying from country to country. Attending to issues that do not concern him. He was jumping about like a monkey.
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Until he became tired and got sick. And had to pitch his tent in the United Kingdom.

Now that he is back, fools have started jubilating. Fools who have forgotten about their sufferings. Fools who have forgotten about their poverty. Everyone is celebrating the return of Buhari. They have forgotten about their problems and concentrated on a president who has refused to solve their problems. There are doctors in Nigeria to treat Buhari but he won’t stay here to be treated because he knows that Nigeria is fucked up. He knows that the health system in Nigeria is a heap of shit.

Buhari has money to spend. Nigerians live in poverty. Buhari can afford to travel anywhere to rest but Nigerians don’t have anywhere to go because majority of them are poor. Eighty percent of Nigerians live and wallow in poverty. But our country is rich and blessed with good things. Nigerians are crying. Almost everyday. Buhari can travel to UK to treat himself but Nigerians are dying everyday in their own country because they have no money to treat themselves when they get sick.

Indirectly, the president has declared Nigerian doctors stupid because he travelled abroad to be treated instead of staying at home to be treated. The president himself does not believe in Nigeria. I’m sure Nigerians are tired of Nigeria, too. Meanwhile, let me welcome the president back home. Buhari, welcome to the land of your birth. Mr President, welcome to the City of Darkness where men grope. Welcome to the Animal Kingdom where we bite one another. How is your health now? Are you back to work? Are you back to make Nigeria better? Are you back to deliver us from our sufferings? Or, are you back to torment us again? We are asking.