They used to have it all: money, cars, clothes and most important, the attention who payed for them. Unfortunately you can’t be number one forever, not even in the top 10 so it’s important to invest your cash and think for the future because sometimes, you just can’t get it anymore. Here is a list of 10 rappers no one cares about anymore, at least musically speaking.

• Soulja Boy

One of the most not-talked about rappers is definitely Soulja Boy. His music isn’t making any waves and hasn’t for quite some time so his only way of making headlines is by lying. Lying about street credibility, lying about jewelry and clothing and also lies about properties. Together with his out-of-nowhere beefs, Soulja, the rapper who doesn’t quite rap is more of an entertainment figure rather than a Hip – Hop star.
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• Bow Wow

Another entertainer who likes to think or describe himself as a rapper but has not delivered some hot music for quite some time. He also seems to have some stability issues as he goes back on forth on the same subjects and even quit rap just to come back.
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• Ma$e

He retired in 1999 to become a pastor and then announced his retirement again in 2007. He said he quits so much times that no one knows for sure where he is now. The only problem for him is that no one is asking that question anymore. A photo of an empty crowd at his concert and news about fake followers on social media are just the cream of the crop.

• Ja Rule

Being a soft thug rapper is never easy or at least it wasn’t even taken serious up until Drake. With 50 Cent destroying so easily his legacy, no team to back him up, no real quotable diss lyrics or singles, it’s no surprise that instead of being the one responsible for Drake’s success, he’s actually nobody in the game right now.

• Azealia Banks

When her hit 212 was on the radio and she was dancing in her Mickey Mouse shirt, everyone thaught we were looking at the next Britney Spears of rap. Few years later with not too many hit songs and we find Azealia Banks irelevant in the rap game. She is mor known for her rants and scandals rather than the music.

• Gunplay

Another promising rapper, once thought to be the hidden jewel of the MMG group, Gunplay is now reduced to dust inside the music industry. His debut album flopped really bad selling under 1000 units first week while no new music has been seen from him for quite some time.

• 40 Glocc

Once known as a “Boogeyman” that used to terrorize other rappers and take their chains, now reduced to a silent positive preacher. Even if he wasn’t a rap superstar before, with G-Unit dropping him and Game making him a mockery for the Internet, it looks like 40’s rap career is over before it even started.

• Stitches

Not your typical rapper look-a-like, not really fit for rapping and all this is proven by the fact that his new music flopped. Another Instagram and TMZ star more known for comments and threats. All of this culminated with Game’s manager knocking him down in one punch after he was talking reckless for months.

• Ludacris

Although a pretty decent actor, Ludacris has become irelevant or has grown apart from the rap game. Even if he is a legend and was once at the top of the game, Luda is now living of his former glory and no one would probably buy a Ludacris single.

• Nelly

Nelly has become a rapper more fitting in a reality show nowadays. A single from Nelly probably values less than the bandage he used to put on his face and his problems with the IRS are not helping him either.