Having a breakthrough in the music industry is sometimes the hardest thing to do, especially if you’re an upcoming artist without a budget to promote your brand.

However, if someone close to you can show you the right way to do it, things can get much easier. Check out ten rappers that will always rely on great support from their musician families.

Ty Dolla $ign

Fans went wild when TY$ took the stage with his father that plays the trumpet. The duo offer quite a show and that’s when everyone realized where Ty Dolla got his talent from.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith plans on taking his father’s legacy further with his raps. He’s got charisma and he’s pretty good with the mic so there’s no reason from him to sit back. Jadan is also a good actor so props to him for that.
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Nas is not the only artist in his family and apparently the rapper got his inspiration from his father. The New York rapper turned into a Hip Hop legend so everything paid up in the end.

Sun God

Sun God plans on stepping into his father footsteps. Rap fans know that Ghostface Killah is a legend in the game but his son doesn’t plan on catching any shadow for that.

Lil Romeo

Master P tried making his son Lil Romeo into a Hip Hop superstar but things didn’t quote add up for the duo. Yet, Romeo is still active in the game and we can’t say that he puts his father’s name to shame.

Lil Eazy E

Lil Eazy E plans on never letting his father’s legacy die so he started rapping from an early age. Until now he got everyone’s respect and he’s one hit away from making a name of himself.

Diggie Simmons

Diggie Simmons is an aspiring artist and luckily for him he’s got a great coach in the family. Until now he made all the right moves so props to his father for guiding this young rapper.
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Christian ‘King’ Combs

Christian “King” Combs is set for life but the young rapper plans on making his own lane. King is really active in the music scene while making Diddy a proud father, no doubts about that.

Scoop Deville

Scoop Deville is a talented rapper and music producer but his talent runs in the family. His father pretty much had the same style and somehow he inspired Scoop to make music. Everyone won in the end.

Cory Gunz

Cory Gunz might just be the most underrated rapper in New York right now. Either way, his flow is nice, he has a good delivery and he’s lyrical.
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That’s pretty much a younger version of his father.