Nigerian youths have been silent for long. It is probably why the Nigerian president, General Mamamadu Bugati, thinks we are lazy.
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But, the truth is, being silent and doing nothing are two different things. That we are not making noise doesn’t mean we are lazy. That we have chosen to respect our elders doesn’t mean we are stupid. We just choose to work silently. We are not lazy youths. We are hardworking folks. But your greediness and that of your cohorts has prevented us from eating the fruits of our labour.

We have endured hardships. We have endured hunger. We have endured insults from the older generation and the self-centered politicians that occupy the political arenas. We have planted but you have prevented us from harvesting. You have stolen our billions and we have not complained. We have gone to school and obtained certificates but you have refused to create jobs for us. We still didn’t complain. We choose to create jobs for ourselves as responsible citizens but the police is killing us for making legal money, calling us Yahoo guys.
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The #EndSARS protests going on in Nigeria should not be left for the youths alone. It should involve all Nigerians who want Nigeria to be better. We have been raped for far too long by corrupt Nigerian leaders. They have turned us to slaves in our own country. Nigerian politicians and leaders have lost their sense of responsibility and duty to arrogance and nepotism. They keep pushing us to the wall daily. They were elected into offices to serve but we are the ones serving them. We are serving them and they are killing us.

Nigerians have been held captive for sixty years. Enough is enough. We need responsible people in government. We need people who have the love of the people at heart, not bastards who keep using their left hands to describe their fathers’ houses. The police who should be protecting the lives and properties of the citizens are the same ones killing people.
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Nigerians are no more afraid of armed robbers. We are now afraid of the police. The SARS is the greatest enemy of Nigerians now. They have killed more Nigerians than the CoronaVirus has done.

This protest is long overdue. Nigerians have scattered all over country protesting for the right and freedom to live as humans. Anyone could be killed by SARS officials for dressing in a particular way. Kolade Johnson, a Nigerian youth, was killed on the 31st March 2019 by a SARS official, for looking like a fraudster. He left his house to watch a Liverpool vs Tottenham Spurs match and never returned. The officer responsible for his death still roams the street freely. There is no justice for him. There is nothing.

The same way, Chibuike Anams, a young man of 23, had his life cut short on the 24th July 2009, when the Nigerian Police raided a guest house in Rivers State. After several searches at police station, his family later found out about his death. The police has refused to comment on his death and no investigation was ever made into it. This is how people die like flies in the hands of wicked policemen in Nigeria without justice. When I say Nigeria is an Animal Kingdom, people think I am joking. We have put animals in place to protect us. There is no security in this City of Darkness.Nigerians are crying and Mamamadu Bugati is smiling and putting on a carefree attitude.

Do we have a president in this country? It was Osinbanjo, the vice president who even came out to address Nigerians on the ongoing protests. According to Reno Omokri, “Buhari simply cannot be trusted and what I find annoying is that we still call his All Progressives Congress contraption of power grabbers a government. It is an insult to governance to refer to Buhari’s regime as a government. It is no government. It is a criminal enterprise. A mafia. A junta. What type of President calls his own citizens #LazyNigerianYouths? What type of president unleashes the Brigade of Guards on peaceful protesters?”

Nigeria does not have a president, for now. Instead of finding a solution to the many problems of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is calling on the Nigerian Army to disband peaceful protesters. Boko Haram are violent killers, yet Buhari negotiates with them and rehabilitates them. #EndSARS protesters are unarmed and peaceful, yet the army announced Operation Crocodile Smile targeted at them. Those who make peaceful protests impossible are toying with great fire. There are many things to reform in Nigeria: the police, electricity, roads, senator’s salaries, e-voting, increment in teacher’s salaries, etc.
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But, until then, there is a need to #EndPoliceBrutality.