In an previous Blog, I stated how stupid and thirsty the majority of Black Men are on Social Networks. Of course, Black Men refuse to take heed to my warnings concerning this topic. Instead, Black Men continue sending penis pictures, begging overweight women for their phone numbers, and stalk women on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages. This epidemic of ultimate thirst would not be so bad if these Black Men were not in committed relationships with women already. In other words, it is more acceptable for SINGLE Black Men to be thirsty as hell on social networks. However, Black Men in COMMITTED relationships shall not be given a pass in this blog. I know you are wondering: Why is this the case Oshay?


Black Men in committed  relationships should be smarter than to send thirsty ass messages to women online. The majority of the women black men are trying to talk to are not even in their damn cities. SO WHY ARE YOU EVEN WASTING YOUR TIME BROTHERS?


DAMN IT I KNOW I GOT A POINT! Black men must understand that Social Networks are NOT for men to benefit from sexually. Instead, social networks are for to boost the self esteem of overweight and underachieving American Women WHO are COMPLETE FAILURES in LIFE! Instead of ignoring these lower seeded women, Black Men elevate them by kissing their asses and paying them infinite compliments. Not only do  you Black Men compliment ugly busted down women, you continue to bother them daily with your unwanted messages. Some black men will  send messages for months at a time without EVER getting a response from a woman. However, the response that the woman gives you is not what you are waiting for.


The way that women are fighting back against stalkers is using “SCREENSHOT” technology to shame you thirsty ass Black men who hound their pictures. Many women even take provocative pictures on PURPOSE to seduce you to send messages. After the 18304830th time you sent a message, she will THEN “SCREENSHOT” your “ATTEMPT” to chat on her FACEBOOK PROFILE displaying YOUR ENTIRE NAME and the content of your messages. For those of you black men in relationships, this screenshot usually ends up in the hands of your CURRENT WIFE or GIRLFRIEND!


In other words…..



Once your current girlfriend or wife see how you have embarrassed your relationship over some Internet Ass you never had a chance with, she will probably kick your sorry ass out of the apartment you two split the rent on. Now you can get ready to pay child support and join the MGTOW movement due to your bad decision making. I have seen many black men get killed by the Screenshot brothers. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the fuckery. If you are going to cheat, you should be smart enough to do it in a better way that you can’t be exposed by an complete stranger. In other words, LEAVE THESE FACEBOOK THOTS ALONE!