The issue of sex dolls seems to be giving women a headache. Most women do not like the idea of men having options. They want to have a monopoly of the pussy. They want a situation where, even if men go from one end of the world to another, men will still come back to them. They want men to continue to worship the glorious hole and keep climbing the holy mountains. The fact is, women are afraid that men would replace them with sex dolls. They are afraid that they will lose their value in the market. They are not happy with the creation of the sex doll.


Women have no problem using dildos. They have it in their homes and offices and cars and even in their handbags. They carry dildos almost everywhere. They do so to be able to have access to artificial sex whenever they feel the urge. Most of them may complain that they have a dildo because they don’t get enough sex from their men. Some of them will say they own dildos just because they want to explore. They always have reasons for possessing this sex tool. And they want men to understand them. They want men to see their reasons and support them.


However, when it comes to men owning sex dolls, women see it as a bad thing. They see it as a crime. They don’t want to understand. They don’t want to know that men need to explore, too. Women find it easy doing the things that they can’t accept. They are always the victims. They know how to play the game of victims very well. I have seen a lot of Nigerian women coming to the public to call all men dogs. They will come out and say men are animals. They will say all men are the same. But all men are not the same. People are different.


There is something about women: they are crazy folks. They are necessary devils. They are compulsory evils. No matter how grown up they are, they will still act like babies sometimes. That they are advanced in age does not prevent them from being silly. I’m sorry I have to say that but that’s just the fact. Majority of women can’t accept what they do to others. They can possess rubber penises but they can’t stand men owning sex dolls. The truth is, sex dolls will replace women to some extent but not entirely.


Well, women shouldn’t be too afraid. You won’t be entirely replaced by dolls. The last time I checked, a sex doll would cost around two thousand dollars ($2000). Not all African men will be able to buy it. They will have to choose between fucking a real woman by paying less and fucking a machine and paying more. There are people who can afford it but not for the common people. For those men to whom women are nothing more than holes to fuck, sure, a sex doll could be a replacement. But, most men want more. They want emotional connectivity. They want love.


According to Alice Tsymbarevich, she said: ‘even people hiring prostitutes need more than that. Sex workers often tell of clients needing fifty minutes of heartfelt conversation and encouragement and ten minutes of sex. That is what sex workers are paid for – being attentive and understanding human beings. And the list of requirements for someone you stick your penis into only grows more and more when you need an actual life partner. So, women should calm down. We men know that machines can’t replace you. There are a lot of things we know that machine can’t do for us.


Women, please calm down. Stop acting as if God won’t produce you again because men won’t demand for you. You should understand that you are not produced in order to satisfy a demand. Your production won’t go down if there is less demand. Evolution won’t suddenly say “let’s stop making women, the men aren’t using them anymore”. Women are not a product. If you want to know if heterosexual men will lose interest in women because of the availability of high quality sex dolls, I doubt it. There is a lot more to sex than having a hole to stick your dick in, and a lot more to a meaningful relationship than good sex.


Dildos, sex dolls, robots are fun toys, created by humans, to please humans. Men and women are individual lives. They are not created. They live to enjoy their own life. They interact with each other with respect, warmth and love. They don’t need to ‘please’ others to ‘value’ themselves. They are invaluable. Some humans don’t like interacting with other humans. They prefer playing with their toys and enjoy themselves. Some humans make love to other humans using toys. They are all various ways to have fun. Toys won’t replace humans. Because humans are not born for other humans to have fun.