Nuh-uh, Brothers, don’t let the smooth title sway you.
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Two things are a certainty here: One, I’m not a dating coach; and two, this isn’t about shooting your shot to obtain an available woman but receiving an available free vaccination shot.

And with that, let’s concentrate on the latter. Shall we?

Now should anyone be shocked or surprised that on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, an estimated 153 employees–some insiders claim it may be more workers–at a Houston, Texas hospital have either willingly walked off or been fired for refusing to take a COVID-19 vaccination shot? Well, I’m not.

Thusly, speaking as a man whom has always distrusted vaccination, mostly from historical evidence of government-sanctioned medical experimentation on Black people, I’ll be the first to voice a reasonable argument on why millions of U.S. citizens are suspect of any so-called miracle drug pushed nowadays. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just in our collective head.

And that consensus isn’t only coming from African Americans but from other ethnicities as well. Yeah, even Caucasian folks are giving it the side eye in 2021.

That is until now

There’s a new vaccine in town. And his name is (insert the big pharma vaccine of your desire).

However, even with this new medical breakthrough, there’s still millions of people who’ll rather risk losing their jobs than their individual beliefs for being firmly against taking it into their bodies. And this sentiment’s spreading throughout the nation, if not the world, at warp speed.

Moreover, a few years before the author of this piece was born (allegedly 1963), several Coronaviruses have been lingering, infecting the entire world population. Furthermore, for the past 18 months or so, more deadly strains have plagued humankind, thus killing millions of people in every country on Earth.

And being an avid world traveler, to say that being grounded since March 2020, because of this pandemic, has been an inconvenience would be the understatement of the century. That being said, when the opportunity to get vaccinated at my local Veterans Affairs medical center this past spring of 2021, I quickly scheduled an appointment to get jabbed via two subcutaneous injections.

Have vaccination card, will travel

“But, Marcus.” Some random online stranger asks. “Aren’t you worried about them [insert secret society and/or government entity of your choice] tracking your body with a nanochip?” Yes, and although RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) nanochips really do exist, I highly doubt any hidden powers that be would resort to such costly lengths to brand the masses with the Mark of the Beast.

No, Brothers. On that, I call major BS.

For one, just about every app you’ve downloaded to your phone blatantly warns you that you’re allowing it to access both your camera and audio.
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Plus, not to mention the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System), you’re already willingly living in a Brave New World.

Geez! This whole debate baffles my mind.

Look, I decided to get vaccinated for one reason: International travel free from restrictions.
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I swear, I had to deactivate my Facebook and Instagram accounts (only leaving my YouTube channel) due to the onslaught of concerned warnings about taking this vaccine. Yeah, it had gotten that ridiculous.

Anti-Vaccinationers versus Flat Earthers

Yep, I’ll say it. You anti-vaccine people are just a goofy, if not delusional, as these azz-backwards Flat Earthers.

Likewise, it’s beyond insane. It’s downright embarrassing.

I feel like that South Korean grocer in the classic film Menace II Society. And for God’s sake, let’s just hope I only get clowned and/or ridiculed for my choice to get vaccinated, instead of being murked by some extremists.

Of course, I’m banking my outcome on the former. Nah mean?

Oh, and a final word to my fellow Passport Brothers whom want to get back to international travel: Get vaccinated now.

So, until next time, Brothers, please stay strong, watch your damn six, and whatever you do, don’t let anybody ph*ck with you!

Copyright 2021

Marcus love is a published author. You can scoop up his most recent Broke and Ashy urban eNovella series at an Amazon Kindle near you.