In my books, I often employ a high degree of unique terminology (e.g., “Wholesome Pretenders,” “Erotic Hypocrites,” “Manipulative Timewasters,” et al) as well as some degree of informal slang language.

One popular urban slang term I do not believe I have ever used in any of my eBooks, paperbacks, and/or audiobooks is the term ‘SIMP.’ The closest terms I use to ‘simp’ would be chump, Captain Save-a-Ho, White Knight, and ‘Mode Three Target.’  So, for the purposes of this article, I am going to offer my own “glossary of terms” before I get going with the main point I want to establish. All of these terms are either directly or indirectly related to the idea of men socially interacting with women, with money and material gifts and possessions playing a big role in the interactions.


Pimp: This is a womanizer who has developed so much ‘seductive influence’ over several different promiscuous women, that these women contribute a portion of their earned income toward financing the pimp’s lifestyle, material possessions and living expenses. Most ‘street pimps’ maintain a stable of street prostitutes, while more informal middle-class pimps maintain a roster of women (many of whom are college educated) who they match up with male friends and acquaintances for a fee.

Gigolo: A gigolo is simply a male prostitute who offers his sexual prowess and sexual companionship to horny and sexually desperate women in exchange for a direct cash payment. Because this is considered a form of blatant prostitution, it is illegal in most cities, states, and countries.

Stud or Kept Man: A stud or kept man is the male equivalent to a woman being a ‘Sugar Baby.’ This is a man who is as young as 18 and usually no older than 39 who has an older woman who is wealthy and financially generous who acts as his ‘sponsor’ or ‘Sugar Mama.’

Trick: A trick is a man who pays money directly to street prostitutes, professional Call Girls, and upscale Erotic Escorts on a regular, semi-regular, or occasional basis in exchange for their temporary sexual companionship (prostitutes usually charge per orgasm, Call Girls usually charge per hour, and Erotic Escorts usually charge per day, per weekend, or per week). Even men who frequently pay money to strippers for lap dances are often referred to as ‘tricks’ as well.  Related article:  5 Reasons Why Prostitution will Never be Legalized in the U.S.

Sugar Daddy: This is a man – usually 45 years of age or older and wealthy – who seeks out the sexual and non-sexual companionship of a woman who is as young as 18 and usually no older than approximately 35. Unlike prostitution, which is illegal, men who are Sugar Daddies do not pay women directly for their sexual companionship. Instead, these men offer to pay women’s rent, mortgage, car note, monthly utilities, college tuition, and other various expenses, and the woman – known as a ‘Sugar Baby’ – will usually ‘reward’ these older financially generous men with their sexual companionship either regularly, semi-regularly, or occasionally for free.  In some rare scenarios, the Sugar Babies involved do not engage in sexual activities with their Sugar Daddies at all.

Simp: This would be a man who I refer to as a blend of a chump and a White Knight. In the same way a man who is known as a ‘trick’ will pay women money directly for guaranteed sex, a ‘chump’ is a man who will offer to spend money on women and buy materialistic gifts for women who have never directly acknowledged an interest in engaging in sexual activities with them in the near or distant future.  For example, if a man frequently spends money on a woman who is nothing more than a purely platonic female friend of his, that would be a chump.  A White Knight is a man who very frequently panders to women, offers women an ’emotionally empathetic listening ear’ when these women want to vent about their problems, disappointments, and frustrations, and this man always defends women against any criticisms these women may receive from other women and men. This type of man very often places women on an undeserved ‘pedestal’ and always plays up to their ego without shame or regret.


Simps are naïve, sexually desperate, financially generous Beta males. These men have no backbone with women, and usually are “Mama’s Boy” types who have been socially programmed by their mothers or step-mothers to treat all women with the utmost of respect (even if those women do not deserve respect).

If a woman is a combination of highly manipulative and materialistic, a simp is usually her number one target (speaking of ‘targets,’ in my Mode One book, I discuss men who are ‘Mode Three Targets’ which are essentially the same thing as simps).

In a nutshell, there are some men who rarely if ever pay for the sexual companionship of women (Pimps, Gigolos, Studs, Kept Men) … then there are other men who pay for guaranteed sex (Tricks and most Sugar Daddies) … and finally, there are other men who pay for the POSSIBILITY of engaging in sexual activities with a woman (Simps and a few Sugar Daddies).

No man should spend large amounts of money on a woman simply in exchange for her non-sexual time, attention and companionship. This never benefits a man in the long-run.  Ever.  Only a man who is extremely lonely, naïve, and/or sexually desperate would even contemplate doing such a thing. This is the equivalent of paying money to a car dealership just for the POSSIBILITY of gaining the opportunity to drive or lease one of their automobiles with no guarantee of doing either. I mean, what man in their right mind would do such a thing?

Some men simp so hard with women, that they eventually go into financial ruin with nothing tangible or intangible to show for it. No children of their own to father and raise, and no memories of mind-blowing and satisfying sex to reminisce on. All these men have to show for the time and money they invested with these materialistic and manipulative timewasters are memories of engaging in flattering and entertaining conversation with these women. Poor guys.

The only woman that any man should spend a large amount of money on is a woman who is his wife and the stay-at-home mother of his children. Period. The only other exception would be an older, wealthy Sugar Daddy who has a relatively young, beautiful and sexy Sugar Baby who is dedicated to pleasing and satisfying him sexually and fulfilling all his sexual fantasies at an older age (think Hugh Hefner). If a man travels a lot, I also see nothing wrong with allowing himself to be an occasional ‘trick.’ If a man rarely travels, and he is engaged in an excessive amount of tricking, that is unacceptable.


So, other than marriage, a mutually beneficial Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby relationship, and occasional tricking with prostitutes, Call Girls, and Erotic Escorts while traveling, I would suggest a man never ever spend more than roughly $25 – $50 on a woman before he engages in sex with a woman for the first time. Honestly, even $50 may be too much. If a man invites a different woman on a lunch date or dinner date twice per week for 48 weeks consecutively (with no sex being involved at the end of the date), that would add up to $4,800 (USD). That is way too much money for any man to spend on women who have barely reciprocated his attempt for a tongue kiss, and who have never offered to perform oral sex on this man or enthusiastically offered to engage in intercourse with him.

Stop simpin’.  That is my advice on this issue.  Your life will be far more enjoyable and satisfying as a result.

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