An oft debated topic these days is a question asked mostly by women:

“Why are men who sleep with a lot of women are called studs, but women who sleep with a lot of men are sluts?”

Back in the day, women were discouraged from sleeping around in those days and there were multiple deterrents in place. Everything from social pressure and subsequent ostracization (the fabled “scarlet letter”) to being relegated to destitution anything and everything was on the table to make sure females didn’t become tarts, harlots, and floozies (this was the vernacular for sluts in those times).

The sexual revolution of the 1960s

But after the sexual revolution of the 1960s when women were encouraged to act like men sexually, females are passing their pussies around like it’s Halloween candy and more than 6 decades later, there are far more sluts in our midst than women who don’t sleep around.

Over the years, and more recently the last 20 or so, girls are asking why they’re being shamed for the same behavior men engage in. They realize that the term “stud” has a positive connotation while the word “slut” has a negative connotation. So now we’ve got hoes running around bitching and complaining about being labeled as something bad for doing the same things the top 20% of men are doing.

While there are many, many reasons for this the two that stick out make it obvious. Let’s take a look.

#1 Biology

Biologically speaking, females are much more valuable than males. A female has a limit on how long she can reproduce and how many offspring she can have. On the other hand, males can father an infinite number of offspring and can do so until death. In short, eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.

There is also a much higher price that women pay when they become pregnant. They have to carry the child for 9 months which is hard on her body what with weight gain, stretch marks, and everything going south. Then they have to birth the child which stretches their vaginas (if they don’t get a c-section), and then they have to recover, workout to lose the weight, and wait for their vaginas to return to its regular form.

Men, on the other hand, don’t pay a price at all. We shoot our loads in females and that’s that. Our bodies don’t change, our hormones remain stable, and everything is the same as it was before we impregnate them. This is why men are much less discriminate about the females they sleep with. The only contribution we have in reproduction is ejaculation which is comparatively low compared to a female’s investment.

For this reason, biologically speaking, men are designed to be polygamous, while women are designed to be monogamous. We have infinite sperm so we can stick our dicks in anything consequences by damned. Females only have so many eggs so they’re designed to seek out the best genes and when they do, they consolidate on those genes meaning they’re not supposed to be fucking every man with smile.

But here’s the problem: Women are every bit as indiscriminate as men are! They should be much more selective in terms of who they sleep with because of the finite time in which they can give birth but because of birth control, abortion, plan B pills, and the removal of slut shaming, women are fucking dudes into the triple digits before they’re 30. All of these factors have completely removed the need to selective about the men they sleep with.

The pill eliminates a woman’s selectiveness

If there’s no risk of pregnancy and a backup plan with an abortion should a woman become pregnant unexpectedly, they can just throw caution to the wind and fuck whoever they want whenever they want. There used to be much more at stake for women sexually than men but because of these “safeguards”, the risk isn’t nearly as high these days.

The dichotomy here is that high value men tend to commit to women who have only slept with a few men if any at all (virgins) and women are attracted to men with a lot of sexual experience with women. Sure, high value men will fuck sluts all day long but their commitment is reserved for chaste, virtuous women.

The bottom line here is that sluts give away what should be reserved for one man but because they don’t, they lose the respect of both men and women alike. Women who act like men should act sexually, are just like men who act like women should sexually are unattractive to the opposite sex. In other words slutty women are as unattractive as men who don’t get any pussy and biology confirms this iron clad doctrine that most people don’t seem to want to acknowledge.

#2: Getting dick is easy, getting pussy is NOT

She could fuck him if she wanted to…him, not so much

Girls know that getting laid is easy. All they have to be is there and willing. Just being a female, being present, and wanting to have sex is literally all that’s required for women to get laid.

Getting laid as a man, however, is anything but easy. Even if a man is in great shape, drives a nice gar, and runs air tight game, his chances of fucking pretty girls are much more slim than an average looking woman getting dick for doing practically nothing but existing.

A man who gets laid a lot hits on a LOT of women. A woman who gets laid a lot is turning down more offers than she is entertaining them. A male version of a 10 has a much more difficult time fucking a female 6 or 7 than a female version of a 5 has fucking a male version of an 8. Female 3s, 4s, and 5s get infinitely more dick than male 3s, 4s, and 5s because these men aren’t getting any pussy at all.

The bottom line is that being a slut is easy, sleeping with women is not, and we all know this. We as men will never know just how easy it is for women to get dick. As much as we’re aware of the slutty, licentious, and impulsive nature of women who take different cocks all the time, women know it’s much easier than we will every know. This is exactly why the overwhelming majority of slut shaming comes from females.

A woman who brags about all the guys she’s fucking is like a dude bragging that he woke up and brushed his teeth. That’s the main difference between studs and sluts.


A while back Rollo Tomassi said women are the gatekeepers to sex, men are the gate keepers of commitment and he is 100% correct. This is why we as men want more than anything to learn how to fuck pretty girls on the regular and that nothing is more important to females than to lock down a man of value and/or get married.

Women can get dick anytime they want, but getting a man to commit to her long term is the real challenge and that’s why women shame each other for being each other but congratulate one another for getting engaged.

It’s the same with men only it’s the opposite. It’s easy for men to get a girl to want to be married because it’s what they want. But we give each other high fives when we fuck a bunch of bitches while trying to talk one another out of getting married because we know life is over at that point.

Men of value don’t commit to sluts because for obvious reasons. They’re sluts. On the flip side, women aren’t attracted to men who want to commit too soon. A man who asks a woman to be his girlfriend after just 3 dates is a male version of a slut. He’s giving away what’s easy for him to give away just like women giving away their pussies for next to nothing.

People are shamed for doing what’s easy and then bragging about it as though it takes effort. People are praised for accomplishing what’s difficult. Getting dick is easy for women, getting pussy for men is not and that is the definitive reason why sluts are admonished, and studs are admired.

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