For every player, there are rules to the game. You got to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. This relates to all aspects of a man’s life, but most importantly, to his finances. If a man is on his mission, it’s safe to assume that he is also earnin’ some good dough. But it’s not all about earning it, stacking it, and then simply spending it all. There are many ways to go about it, and all those ways can help you multiply it and maximize your earnings. Instead of spending it all at once, you can get richer. For every rational man, this should be the logical path. And knowing just how best to utilize your money is one of the best traits of a self respecting, valuable man.
So read on as we discuss the perfect uses for your paper, and the ways to make your current pile – much, much larger.

Know Your Goals
First thing’s first – if you’re an earner, a man moving through life with missions and goals and motivations, you should really know what is your end goal. In most cases, it doesn’t even have to be a long term goal that is years away. Make it possible, attainable and short term. This will give you the needed motivation to get on the grind and earn the dough you need. It is a great way to move through life from goal to goal and in the end be able to turn back and realize that you actually achieved something in your life. New car, new house, new apartment, renovations, new furniture, travels, whatever it is, it can be a goal as long as it is beneficial and significant.
So, even if your grind is heavy, and you’re busting your ass to earn that cash, these short term goals will help you storm through it and persevere when the going gets tough. And then, the long term goals will give you a clear picture of why you are doing it all in the first place. And trust us, when you have such a mindset, a mindset of an achiever, things will surely be easier. A good example of a long term goal can be independence.
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You want to be an independent man in 10 years max. Your own business, a house, a family, whatever. Taking small steps to get there will make the journey full of rewards.

Stack ‘Em High
Now, about the cash. Sometimes, if you’re lucky or shrewd, money can be easy to earn. But it usually isn’t so. But in any case, when you start earning, you will be tempted to get out there and live a little. Get yo ass spendin’. Bitches, booze, bling. Cars, nightlife, top dolla clothes – the usual junk. Let’s say you’re able to do this – you got the cash.
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But stop for a moment, scratch your head and think – what does it all bring? Are you achieving something? Why, yes, yes you are – you are squandering your money. Spending it like that will bring you no long-term results or achievements.
What a smart and rational, self-respecting man would do instead, is be smart about his finances. Invest. Save. Build.
Think like an entrepreneur, observe the market, get in the game. You got the starting capital. Sometimes, in order to earn, you need to spend.
On the other hand, you might want to spend it in a smart way.
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Buy a bigger house, or expand your current one. Renovate that shitty ole bathroom of yours. Or build a better kitchen.
The possibilities are endless, when you are smart about your money. But the best way to double, triple or quadruple your current stack of paper – is investment. Become a partner in a fresh new business, or start your own.
Take calculated risks – it is the primary trait of a man – the willingness to take risks. Because, who knows? It might be the best decision you made in your life.

It’s sad to say, but it’s the truth – we’re programmed to live our lives only in pursuit of money. Without it – we’re gone. But not everyone can say that they are smart and responsible when it comes to money – most just spend it on trifles as soon as they get it. Because they live in the moment. Day to day.
Don’t be that man. Stack that dough, and think before you spend it!