Over the years, some of my followers have assumed that I am in possession of a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Psychology, but just don’t discuss my academic credentials openly.  I am flattered by this assumption, but it is simply not valid.  I am only in possession of a B.A. in Economics (from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana) with a minor in Psychology and Theatre & Drama.


As most people know, the #1 core basis of economics centers on examining how markets for products and/or services are created and maintained, how the concept of “supply vs. demand” determines the value of those products and services that are being offered to members of society.

Plain and simple, the price of most products and services usually represents the point where supply equals demand.

Quick example:  Let’s say I have one-hundred autographed copies of the paperback version of my 2006 book, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking.  Now, let’s say I wanted to arrive at the best-selling price possible for those 100 autographed copies.

Now, let’s say my initial price for each of those 100 copies is $20.00.  After announcing this price, I find that I have 350 people ready to purchase one of the autographed copies of my book.

What does this mean?  This means that at the price of $20.00, the demand for my book is much higher than the supply.   In other words … my proposed price is too low.

Now, let’s say I raise the price of my autographed copies to $100.00 per copy.  Consequently, I now have approximately 60 men who want to purchase a copy of my autographed book.

What does this mean?  This means that at the price of $100.00, the supply of my books is higher than the demand for the book at that particular price.  In other words … my proposed price is too high.

Finally, let’s say that my proposed price for the book is $75.00 per copy.  After announcing the price, I now have approximately 100 men interested in purchasing the autographed copy of my book at that price.  This would mean that the price of $75.00 is the point where the supply of my books is exactly equal to the demand for my books. This would mean that $75.00 is the ideal price for each of the autographed copies of my book.  The price is not too high … but at the same time, it’s not too low either.


There are two concepts that use the acronym “SMV.”  One is what is known as a man or woman’s Social Market Value.  Let’s call this “SMV1.”  The second is what is known as Sexual Market Value.  Let’s call this “SMV2.”

SMV1 has more to do with the desirability of your non-sexual time, attention, and companionship.  SMV2 has more to do with the desirability of your sexual attention and companionship.

SMV1 represents how many men and women do you have competing with each other for access to your non-sexual time, attention, and companionship on a regular or semi-regular basis.  The best example of someone with high SMV1 would be a professional athlete or Entertainment Industry celebrity.  Many times, men and women who are famous celebrities get paid nice money to show up at certain social events.  Athletes and Entertainment Industry celebrities usually have large fan bases with thousands of “groupies.”

SMV2 represents how many members of the opposite sex (or in some cases, also members of your same gender) do you have competing with each other to engage in sexual activities with you?  A high amount?  An average amount?  Two or three?  One?  None at all?


I will now give you a clue as to where you rank in terms of your Sexual Market Value, or SMV2.


Have you ever been in a situation where you had multiple women competing with each other to spend time with you sexually?  Hundreds of women?  Dozens of women?  A half-dozen women at minimum?

I would assert that anytime you are in a situation where you have no less than five or six women who are more than willing to allow you to engage in sexual activities with them … even when they know that you are engaging in sexual activities with other women … this would represent that you possess high SMV2.

When you possess high SMV2, you will rarely have to spend money on a woman in exchange for her sexual companionship, nor will you have to spend a lot of time with that woman non-sexually.  You will always have a minimum of five or six women ready to jump in your bed with you on any given day or night.   Must be nice, huh?


I would assert that if at any given point of time, you have as many as four women who enthusiastically are ready to engage in sexual activities with you whenever you want them to … and no less than three women … this would represent that you have above-average SMV2.

You might have to spend at least an average amount of money on these women and spend some degree of time with them non-sexually, but generally you always have multiple options for female sexual companionship.  You will never find yourself experiencing any sort of “pussy drought.”


I would assert that if you are a man who at any given point in time has at least one woman who is more than ready and willing to become your next long-term girlfriend, fiancée, and/or wife, then you have no less than average SMV2.  

Even more so, if you already have a wife, a fiancée, or a long-term girlfriend, and you have one additional woman who is offering to be your mistress (if married) or “side piece” (if unmarried), then you are definitely in possession of average SMV2.


Are you in a situation where you always have to spend large amounts of money on women in order to capture their sexual interest?  Do you have to regularly or semi-regularly resort to either “tricking” and/or “wining & dining” in order to motivate women to engage in sexual activities with you?

If the answer is “yes” for you, then this means that you possess below average SMV2. If your only options for sexual companionship are women who are street prostitutes, professional Call Girls, upscale Erotic Escorts, or just simply highly materialistic women who possess very promiscuous tendencies, then this means that your degree of Sexual Market Value is at least slightly “below average.”

In simple terms, any time you experience a period in your life where you are broke and unemployed, you are going to struggle to secure desirable female sexual companionship.


There are some men in society who are really struggling to attract women.  These are men who are still virgins past the age of thirty, or what many in The Manosphere refer to as “incels” or TFLers (“True Forced Loneliness”).   These men do not have the looks and sex appeal and/or seductive charm needed to attract women sexually, nor do they have the salary or income needed to regularly or semi-regularly pay for prostitutes, professional Call Girls, or upscale Erotic Escorts.

Some of these men experience depression, anger, on-going sexual frustration, excessive masturbation, and even entertain thoughts of suicide.


If you fall into the latter two categories above, then it is time to think about hiring someone who falls into one or more of these categories:

Dating Coach

Conversation Skills and/or Personality & Charisma Coach

Life Coach

Health & Fitness Personal Trainer

Personal Nutritionist

Men’s Clothing & Style Advisor

Personal Therapist / Psychiatrist

If you’re not willing to hire the services of one or more people in the above-listed categories, then you must immerse yourself in an intensive program of self-improvement and personal development.

You need to step up your game.

Don’t procrastinate!

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