Every man needs to develop the practice of stacking his paper.
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   For those who are not familiar with that slang it just means to save your money.   Someone once said that money isn’t everything but it’s up there with oxygen.   Many think a man needs to have money to get a woman but it’s bigger than that.   We live in a world that if a man wants to eat and sleep he needs money.   Even a homeless man needs money.   The more money a man has, the better he can live life on his terms.   Stacking paper will begin a man on the path to wealth.

There are many books, videos, and seminars on what to do to become wealthy.  Usually these products are focused on specific ways to create wealth such as real estate investment.  Before a man even get to that point he has to know the most basic secret to creating wealth.   I’ll share that secret now.

The first step to creating wealth is simple.   A man must spend less money than he brings into his home.   For example, if a man has a take home pay of $3000 a month he needs to spend no more than $2700 on expenses such as a mortgage, car note, insurance, food, clothing, and entertainment.    So out of $3000 the man saves at least $300 which is ten percent which in a year comes to $3600.   He does this for five years he will have $18,000 which he can then use to invest in a rental property, stocks, or anything that will bring him a passive income.   With the right investments and he can become a millionaire.   It all begins with stacking his paper.

This can be done even if a man is making minimum wage.    It’s the same principle.   The key is saving money.   If the man is bringing in $1000 a month he can still try to save $100.  It will be tough but it can be done with some sacrifices.
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The biggest issue that people have with saving money is their spending habits.   For example I have known men who have made close to or above six figures who had nothing to show for it beyond a nice house and luxury car.
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   They still had a mountain of debt because they didn’t stack their paper.   They actually spent more money than they brought in which is what most middle class and poor people do.

The key to being able to stack paper is getting one’s spending habits under control.   A man needs to find the discount stores in his area.   Catch the sales at stores and shop the clearance racks.   I know a six-figure man who only shops clearance racks.   Instead buying a new car with a $600 car note buy a good used car and find the reliable mechanics in the neighborhood.   Instead of the big screen TV get a smaller one.   Instead of the latest Jordan’s get some decent shoes during a one day sale at the local department store.   There’s one more key to a man saving money.   Don’t deal with women who only want you as an ATM.

Many men spend money to get women.   They will take the women to expensive restaurants and buy many gifts in order to get sex.  Simping should never be in the same sentence with wealth.   Yes a man wants to treat a woman well when she has shown her love for him but he has to think long term in this regard.    The woman may not stay around but he has to be able to navigate life.    If the woman can’t support him in stacking paper then he needs another woman.

A man following these very simple steps will be on the path to controlling his life.   Stack that paper.