The Man’s game and the hardships of life are often closely entwined in a relation that is straddling the thin line between joy and hard times. And a true virtue of every self-respecting man is to realize just how can he find his own middle ground, and  walk this thin line as best as he can, And of course flourish and find his place in the world, his own contentment. Sadly a lot of young men today have difficulties finding their path, often getting lost in the hard times and hard truths as they’re attempting to live a life of game and made men. Let’s dig deeper and find out how you too can get out from the bottom and start walking with firm and confident steps towards the top, becoming an independent man along the way!

Be the Best You can Be
What most young men in the becoming fail to realize is, that instead of trying to act and play the role of a self-made, successful man – you actually need to become one first. In truth, they have the cart before the horse, as the saying goes. They want things way before their time. Most of them get lost trying to act out a complex role, merely giving off a half-assed portrayal, making missteps all the while. It’s time to bring the most important realization to life – become the player before you come to play the game. The simple truth. But just how do you do that, you might ask. Why would I bother, you might also ask. And the answers are straightforward and plain to see. Because, even if you manage to act your roles out with some success, in time you will be run over, as your insecurities and your weaknesses come to light and burst the bubble you so carefully built around yourself. Since being a man is equally about life as it is about game.

The Whole Package
That is where we come to our next point – game and life are dangerously close to one another. A made man has all the strings he needs in his hands. Nothing is out of control as he is ready for anything, tried and tested by time. A ‘’player’’ who “fakes it ‘till he makes it” is vulnerable, uncertain and clueless about many crucial aspect of the game that should come naturally and automatically. The only way for him to acquire them is to work on himself, take the time needed to become as close as he can to the successful man he tried to imitate.
In his path of becoming a better version of himself, a man must pass through a hard time, suffering blows and grabbing life by its horns, stirring the hornet’s nest. Simply, test himself on every level. This time will give answers, important insights into life (read: game) that can’t be realized in any other way.

Reflect & Introspect
So, needless to say, a lot of this time needs to be dedicated to introspection, thinking about yourself, your actions and desires in life. For once, you need to stop wallowing in the dredges of society as you pretend to be someone else while you chase skirts and waste time accomplishing absolutely nothing. A man without a goal in life and accomplishments to boast about is but a poor imitation of something truly great and awe inspiring. Because of this you should not hesitate to take control over yourself, dedicate a sufficient period of time and reflect on your life so far.  Have your years been wasted? Are satisfied with your appearance, manners and intellect? Allow time to pass without outside influences and fleeting, futile indulgences such as promiscuity, no standards, social networks and staring at the screen. Replace them with reading, exercising, and thinking. Re-discover your lost dignity!

Game and Flourish
In a year of this changed and redesigned lifestyle you will thank yourself. The only way for you to know this feeling and these benefits, both visual and mental, is to do it. And once these benefits become a part of you, others will take notice. Social skills will rise, sex appeal will rise, confidence will rise. You have become a man to inspire. Congratulations.
As a tested man, things become different and certainly easier, more natural. You’re in the game now, but this time you are a player. Now the outcome of the game is all up to you. What you choose to do with your new self is your choice, and hopefully you make the right one.

It’s sad to see all the young man who are truly lost and empty, drifting aimlessly through their lives. Often they are obese, insecure and at the bottom of the pyramid. But they have a choice. They simply did not dare to try. They were given a chance but missed their shot. Don’t be this guy. Endure some hard times to reap a lot of better ones. Dare to become the best you can be!