A Few Sundays ago, I was in church, like other times. And I had a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord. But some blogospheric idiots are all over Facebook claiming atheists, saying that God does not exist, insulting Nigerian pastors and saying Christianity is balderdash and useless. They don’t know anything. Personally, I know that I can’t even achieve anything in this world without God.

The truth is that there are times I get angry at God and I don’t bottle my frustration. I release it. I come on Facebook and bark and get mad at God whenever I feel He is unjust. It is allowed. Why should we lie and paint God beautiful all the time? I consider it hypocritical. You should complain to God when you are not comfortable if you want your life to be beautiful.
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I know that people judge me silently. I know. I just don’t care. They secretly read me online and some think I am mad. Personally, I am not even sure whether I am mad or not. I have come to a stage in my life where I don’t look at human beings as a template or standard to live my own life. I am Sylvanus Omoniyi. I am not Ikechukwu Emmanuel or Oluwafemi Yerinbeto. Or Babatunde Nasirudeen. I am me. I can’t be you.

We were created by the same God but created differently. We didn’t even come from the same family. So, how you want me to be like you is what I find difficult to understand. I’m striving to find a place for myself in the universe. You are also doing the same. You have your own demons. I have mine. I am fighting my demons and you are fighting yours. Our demons are not the same, so the way we fight cannot be the same.

You can’t expect me to use the same strategy you use in fighting your own demons to fight my own demons. I may get killed by them. But you have forgotten about that. You just want me to use your strategy. You don’t care whether I get killed. You are only interested in yourself. I don’t blame you. It is because some of you don’t understand the scriptures. Have you forgotten the story of David and Goliath? Have you forgotten that David didn’t go to meet Goliath with the paraphernalia of war that was given to him by the king?

Have you forgotten that David used his own strategy? The sling? Something he was comfortable with? Goliath was his demon. The sling was his strategy. He didn’t go to Goliath with the strategy of the king. He probably would have failed. He recognized his own method. And he won. This is a great message for people who like to imitate others. People who can’t think for themselves. Who can’t think like there is no box. People who like to follow the crowd. People who don’t want to be called bastards and misfits. People who don’t want to be called irresponsible by a confused society.

David was a misfit until he defeated Goliath. Abraham was a misfit until he became the father of faith. Moses was a misfit but he brought the Israelites out of captivity, out of Egypt. Jesus Christ was a misfit until He became the Saviour of the world. I am a misfit, too. A bastard. A mad man. A misfit that recognizes his own strengths and weaknesses. And that is okay.

I want to quickly talk about the confusion of the contemporary youths. There are many of them who come on social media to claim they are atheists. They criticize God. They criticize religion. They criticize anything that has any relationship with God or religion. But these same idiots know how they rush to call on God when they fall into trouble. They know how they pray to God to save them when they are in problem.

They know how they cry and plead. They know the things they do secretly. I think I know their problem. Some of them hope to become famous by causing confusion, just like a Nigerian actor, Uche Maduagwu. The advent of social media has really given a lot of Nigerian youths the opportunity to be inexhaustibly stupid. They can write anything for fame. They can do anything for fame. They can disrespect their elders. They can say their parents are stupid and ignorant, while riding on the glory of social media.
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Nigerian youths and Nigerian politicians are the same.
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They are both confused. The old politicians who have no plans are not ready to leave the seats of power. The youths, who are also ignorant, are crying that they want to lead. I mean, the youths who can’t lead themselves want to lead a nation. Isn’t that funny? Nigeria is a joke, for now. Let’s continue to enjoy it. I am out of this place. I’ll see you later!