If I have to talk about Nigeria, I will start and never finish. It will be an unending epistle. It is true that Nigeria is a blessed nation. It is true that we are blessed with a lot of natural resources.
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It is true that we have good people living in this country. So many beautiful things about Nigeria. We can’t mention them all. But, even with all these, we still have problems. I said problems, not problem. We have uncountable problems. But I also know that all these problems can be solved if we are truly ready to solve them.

Nigeria has been battling with the problem of electricity for a very long time. Probably since 1960. Electricity is one of the tricks that Nigerian politicians use in deceiving Nigerians to vote for them. The idiots will promise constant electricity when they are campaigning. They will tell us that night will look like day. They will give us assurance that light will not blink. They will tell us that we will always have electricity to boil water and iron our clothes. They will cajole us. They will put breasts of lies in our mouths to suck. They will deceive us, until we vote for them.

But they know in their minds that they are lying. They know that they won’t do these things. They are just raising our hopes. They are just putting us in unnecessary suspense. Those good-for-nothing bastards. From the time we were young, they have been telling us that Nigeria will get better but it keeps getting bad. They keep cheating and killing us. They keep robbing us. They keep collecting what belongs to us and making it their own. Useless politicians! They will never have peace. They will suffer. Their children will suffer. They will die like dogs if they don’t change.

Nigeria is rich but its people are poor. We are fucking rich. We can afford endless, uninterrupted and constant power supply. But we continue to live in darkness like animals. We continue to grope in darkness like blind people. We grope. Endlessly. Never certain of the future. They rob us of the future by putting us in endless darkness. And they get angry when we complain. Foolish folks! We kiss in darkness. We fondle in darkness. We fuck in darkness. We give birth in darkness and raise our children in darkness. We have been so used to darkness that when we have light, we consider it a miracle. Pathetic!

Many presidents have come and gone. They all promised the same things. Education. Good roads. Potable water. Constant electricity. Good health facilities. They promised everything but they have delivered none. These idiots should just stick to one. Let them just work on one goal. Let them pick one of these promises and deliver it. At least, we would know they achieved something. Abacha came, he couldn’t do anything. Obasanjo came, he was impotent. Yaradua came, he couldn’t deliver. Jonathan came, he fumbled. Now, Buhari is in power and we don’t even understand him. When will Nigeria get better?

We have waited enough. We have prayed and fasted enough. We are already tired of waiting and praying and fasting. These imbeciles who call themselves politicians should do something and move us forward. We have been in this mess for too long. It is not good for us. We have been celebrating mediocrity and we are not even ashamed.
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However, I must be sincere. The citizens of Nigeria have their own faults, too. But the leadership are responsible for the greater part of the problem. When the leaders change, there is the probability that the followers will change also. The problem with Nigeria is Nigerians. And one of the problems killing us in this country is disobedience. Disobedience to God and to the laws of the land. The government and the people don’t respect the constitution but everyone wants Nigeria to become a paradise. Impossible.

We lack manner even in small things. We throw garbage on the roads. We overspeed. We insult others. We disregard traffic regulations. We write on currency notes. We spray and step on money in occasions. We block roads because of ceremonies. We spit on walls, defecate and urinate anywhere. We have no proper hygiene. We don’t respect people. We don’t see our own weaknesses but we are always fast to point out the weaknesses of the government. The truth is that the government cannot always fix all the problems of Nigeria. It is the people of Nigeria that must fix the many problems of Nigeria. What do we call government? Government is people who have been placed in leadership positions.
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Government comes from the people. You are the government. I am the government. When all of us are ready to do the right things, our country will get better.