There are surrogate fathers and mothers in foreign countries. You can pay someone to help you carry your pregnancy. You can even pay someone to help you fuck your wife. You can also freely adopt if you are married and you don’t have children of your own. The white people are making everything simple for themselves. You can have contract marriages too. They have a simple, sincere and transparent lifestyle. But, in Africa, we see almost everything as taboo.


We like marriages but we have problem fulfilling our marital vows. Majority of men and women who got married in churches and mosques still engage in extramarital affairs. I know and see everything. I just pretend like I don’t. These things happen because we are not transparent with ourselves. Africans like to eat their cake and have it. It is better to tell people what you want in relationships than to make a deal with them and then turn back and betray them.


People see me as a mad man when they read my writings. They think I have a mental problem. But the truth is that most of the people who read my articles are the ones who have a mental problem. I’m just trying to heal them. I write about things that are happening in our society. The challenges people face and how they can manage them. The thing is, my writings are not for everyone. So, it will be stupid of you to think I’m a mad man because you can’t relate to what I write. Somebody else must relate to it.


I want to encourage sincerity in everything. I know it is hard to be sincere in Africa because we have been brought up to suppress our feelings. The society will even tell us that men don’t cry. Why? Are they not humans? Upholding sincerity will lessen our troubles. As a married lady, you are permitted to tell your husband how to fuck you to make you enjoy the sex. Tell him how to drill you to make you moan. You are permitted to tell him the sex positions you like. That doesn’t make you a prostitute.


Most African marriages crash because couples are not sincere about what they like and what they don’t like. They expect their partners to read their minds and offer them what they want. Where does that happen? Your partner is not the God of the Universe. They are not omniscient. One of the reasons most Africans cheat in marriages is because they are not sexually satisfied at home. So, they go out and fuck another dude. That is why I think we should throw shame into the waste basket.


You shouldn’t allow shame and fear to prevent you from living your life to the maximum. If you are not okay with the way your partner is fucking you, you can open up to them that you want more. You can tell them to upgrade. You can tell them the things you want from them so that they can satisfy you and you wouldn’t have any need to go play away match with another dude. I know that most African men are not romantic. They just like to rush in and rush out. It is your responsibility as a woman to tell them how you want it done to you.


When I said there is nothing wrong about it when you approach someone and tell them that you are sexually attracted to them, and that you’d like to fuck them, instead of deceiving them with long-term relationship promises, most people think I’m insane. They think it is weird and inhumane. But what is more inhumane is when you tell someone something and you do the opposite of what you tell them. It is more inhumane when you make a promise and refuse to fulfill it.


It is more wicked when you raise someone’s hopes and then dash it on the ground by disappointing them. That is what most Africans do. They promise and then they fail. That is why there are many heartbreaks. Africans are insincere people. You can hardly trust them. They say one thing and do another. Donald Trump was right when he called African nations shithole countries. He was right because we are never sincere with ourselves. We are a bunch of stubborn hypocrites!

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