Fame can have a lot of effects on you and it affects every part of your life. That is why some people show parts of them that never seemed to be there, when fame becomes a part of the education. From physical appearance to behavior changes, on this list you can find 10 examples of how fame can get to you.

10. Lady Gaga

If I told you Lady Gaga was your typical Catholic schoolgirl before the fame, would you believe it? She even released two EP’s alongside two friends when they formed the Stefani Germanotta Band back in 2005. All of this changed when she became Lady Gaga and her career exploded.
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9. Katy Perry

Katy Hudson , the blonde Christian artist raised by two pastors even released a gospel album that was reportedly such a flop that it only sold 200 copies. She then renounced the Christian act and became Katy Perry, the girls who kissed a girl and liked it.
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What a 180 degrees switch.

8. Snooki

When she entered MTV’s Jersey Shore with her excessive make-up, hair products, tan and leopard print clothing Snooki took the world by storm. Everyone was talking, good or bad, they had an opinion.
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In 2014 at her “Great Gatsby” themed wedding, Snooki is a new person. She cleaned herself up and became a mother showing that money can get you that positive change.

7. Nicole Richie

The Nicole Richie that is fashion star these days and the mother of two is definitely really far away from the Nicole that we once seen partying next to Paris Hilton. After she renounced her hair extensions and lost a lot of weight she also became a totally different person.
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6. Kylie Jenner

She was only 10 years old when “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” started airing and somehow, people believed she will forever be that typical California girl. Fast forward to the present times and we see the young star following in the footsteps of her sister Kim while she really does not look her age at all, she seems older.

5. Lil Kim

Lil Kim’s image has changed many times during the years but in 2015 when she appeared at a concert on stage the changes were more visible than ever. For years she denied having surgery but it seems after all, fame does get to everybody.

4. Madonna

From working at Dunkin Donuts in Times Square and being a showgirl in France, Madonna sure changed a lot to become one of the most beloved and well known pop icons in the world.

3. Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch star is looking so different than before she was famous that she couldn’t probably recognize herself if it was the case. She looks way more natural when she was younger and those plastic surgeries had not transformed her in the plastic doll she is today.

2. Black Chyna

Chyna shared a throwback photo of her on social media and she really looked nothing like the Chyna we know today. From the hair to the face and body, everything is completely changed between Blac Chyna and Angela Renée White.

1. Oprah Winfrey

From rural poverty to being one of the richest women on the planet and having arguably the most successful talk show in history, Oprah is definitely changed from the person she once was. She represents the example of building something out of nothing and will probably remain at the top for the rest of her life.