The 21 Convention was held in Orlando, Florida on October 11th-14th and to say that the event was nothing short of spectacular is a gross understatement. The accommodations, the venue, the speakers, the security, and the level of organization and professionalism was second to none. The event went off without a hitch despite the fact that it was gay pride weekend.

All of the speakers at 21Con

The 21 Convention is de facto Red Pill summit where purveyors of Red Pill truth impart their wisdom and experience upon attendees and subsequently the masses. I was privileged enough to have been invited by the founder and CEO of 21 Studios, Anthony Johnson, to be a speaker this year on the recommendation of one Rollo Tomassi, who is considered by many to be the Godfather of the Manosphere.

Tomassi’s endorsement has helped me to increase my reach, my audience, and build my brand. I’m now a regular panelist on The Red Man Group every Saturday morning at 10amEST and will likely be a staple at The 21 Convention. Suffice it to say that I am firmly entrenched in what we call in this sector of the web, the “white manosphere.”

Me and The Godfather himself, Rollo Tomassi

Now a lot of guys might scoff at the idea of a Black Man fraternizing with “the other side” and if you’re one of those guys, go fuck yourself. Red Pill truth might affect us differently and heaven knows that there are things we have to deal with that they do not. But at the end of the day we’re all on the same side which is improving the lives of Men.

To my left is George “The Sultan of Silver” Bruno. A true professional and distinguished masculine gentlemen. He added invaluable class to the event.

The hard truth is that we could learn a lot from our fair skinned brothers and the 21 Convention showed me that with hard work, consistency, and a solid plan we could easily equal, if not surpass what they accomplished in Orlando. There were many, many elements that contributed to the success of this event but there were 3 in particular that stood out to me.
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The average attendee paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800. The pricing started at $899 and increased by $200 each month until October where you would have to pay $2,499 to attend. Anthony Johnson and his team used this strategy to incentivize early ticket sales. Keep in mind that this isn’t all inclusive. Attendees were responsible for their own air fare, lodging, and incidentals.

Myself and Hunter Drew of The Family Alpha Blog.

Guys might initially think that charging this much would lead to failure but nothing could be further from the truth. This price point keeps out low quality individuals, would be trolls and infiltrators, or anyone else who seeks to ruin or disrupt the event. What it also does is places a higher value on a ticket.
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The 21 team capped ticket sales at 250 so there were only so many to go around.

The last and most obvious benefit of a price point this high is that affords the crew to put together a high quality event. The venue, production equipment, and security don’t come cheap. Anthony Johnson spared no expense and he was able to do this because of what he charged for the event.


When Anthony offered me the opportunity to be a speaker, I didn’t hesitate to accept. Along with putting my speech together in my head and adjusting my schedule while on the phone with him discussing the particulars, I was also calculating my expenses. That quickly came to an end when Anthony told me that he would be covering my flight and hotel.

5 whiskey sours in I’m with Ed Latimore and Ivan Throne

The fact that the speakers had their air fare and hotel covered is a huge incentive. Covering these expenses is what attracts and retains talent. Oshay Duke Jackson is well aware of this as he has an army of talented writers for this site. He keeps this talent by paying us.

Talent costs money. That’s a fact. Anthony Johnson also knows and understands this. The black community is guilty for expecting goods and services at a discount or even free just because we share the same skin tone and that’s just bad business. Understanding the basic principle of monetary incentive and following through is where the white community excels. We would do well to follow their example in this regard.


Anthony Johnson orchestrated a top notch, world class event that went off without a hitch. There were many reasons for this but professionalism was one of the main factors. Everyone from the speakers, to the attendees, to security, to the audio/video crew, and everyone in between conducted themselves with a refined professionalism that represented the Manosphere well.

Two of my good friends “Miami J” and “Pine”

Don’t get me wrong, we certainly goofed off, got drunk, smoked cigars, and talked about girls in ways that aren’t allowed in public these days. We’re Men after all and we’re going to get up to a little foolishness and fuckery when we all get together.

But there was no fighting, bickering, or petty disputes that we as Black Men tend to get wrapped up in. I’m as guilty as anyone for engaging in this kind of nonsense every so often (maybe more lol) so I’m certainly not going to act like I’m above reproach here.


…there are many more things I took away from the 21 Convention that convinced me that we in the Black Manosphere could certainly pull an event like this off in the not too distant future. We have the audience, we have the resources, and we damn sure have the talent.
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We also happened to have a guy who has an eye for talent, who knows how to generate an audience as well as the knowledge and know how to generate the resources to pull something like this off. Let’s hope he puts something in the works to make it happen.