As a man you often might have questioned – are you doing things the way they should be done? Are you living to your potential? And are you getting close to the achievements of your father and his before him? Sometimes the answers are simply not what we’d like to hear. It hits us then that we lived a good portion of our life without achieving anything – simply living casually, entangled in every-day emptiness that is piled up on a man’s shoulders by the modern age. And it becomes more and more obvious, that this modern, 21st century era is truly centered on the undermining and eventual destruction of truly masculine values. If you too wish to re-evaluate your perspective and your outlook on this life as man – then read on. We’ll try and shed some light on the rot that is spreading through the core of man’s values.

Why Are You Here?
With the steady rise of feminism, globalism and rapid demonizing of good, traditional values, the real image of a man is fading out quickly. If you begin to feel this, to feel you have a larger purpose in life and a mission that needs to be pursued, then by all means, you need to fight against this. And a good way to begin this fight is by asking yourself a big, deep question: “Why am I here, and what am I doing with my life?”
Most probably, in your age your father had a wife, a child, house or apartment of his own and a steady income. That’s because he was a man on a mission. A man with goals and a determination to conquer them. Eventually he did, because that is the true nature of man – a desire to fight and a need to win.
Most men today are lost in this hell of mixed values, destroyed traditions and misplaced importance. And most men today are therefore spineless cucks, without purpose, without a backbone and drifting. YOU – are not that man. YOU – are going to ask questions, and create the answers you want to hear!

Versus the World
A man is made to conquer. Whether he conquers his dreams, goals, women or kingdoms, it doesn’t matter as long as he is in pursuit. Always striving for the higher fruit; always chasing the finest prey.
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It is a simple aspect that is mingled in every part of the nature of man. Presented with a task, you try and you succeed. Meeting a woman, you eventually conquer her. Setting a goal for yourself, you go ahead and conquer it. Now, or in a year, you will do it eventually. That’s why we said before – a man without a mission is lost. Begin your conquest, whatever it may be.
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Just make it valuable and worth conquering, worth fighting for. The hardest fights bring the finest rewards.
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It’s been proven many times that a life without fight, with no goals and without a bit of toil mixed in it, is not really…well, life.  Something’s wrong in such cases, and the image of a valued person with a purpose is shattered, stained.
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Time to start your fight and conquer what is yours.

Unending Strife
Conquests are never easy. There is no fight without sacrifice. Sometimes it will get tough. Well, hardship is just another thing to conquer. Just keep in mind that NO is not an answer (well, in most cases!) That which can be taken – you will take. It’s what you do.
It is simply important to transfer this “conqueror mentality” into your day to day routine, placing it as a motto in your life and as an attitude towards all you wish to achieve. It is a healthy outlook on life and its strife, a certainly helpful mindset that will quickly show results and gains. It is an embracing of the masculine values that are yours and yours only, a privilege to be enjoyed to the full. Denying it or disregarding it only creates an outline out of you, a fragile, blemished portrait of a wasted potential, a man that never was.

Conclusion – Get It Done
If you’re reading this, and the other similar articles here on Negromanosphere, and thinking to yourself that it is high time you stir yourself, clean the dust of your slumped shoulders and get shit done – then brother, you’re on the right track. Be the man you’re inspired by. Always strive for the hardest, the highest, the hottest – you have a natural right to it, and it is your goal to conquer it.
Beginnings are always tough. Be aware of that. Whatever difficult task you set for yourself, it will be hard at first. You’ll want to pussy out. But you won’t. Now go get it done. Become the best you can be.