In 1970, Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell stated that: “this country is going so far to the right that you are not going to recognize it.”  Mitchell’s prophesy came all too terribly true. Starting with the Republican Party’s courting of the “silent majority” under President Nixon, a network of wealthy think tanks and private interests groups converged to conduct a non-stop cultural revolution on the minds of the American Populace that would make Mao Tse-Tung blush. Admittedly, while the body count was significantly lower than Communist China, the outcome was still the same.

The reactionary conservative assault hinged on two fronts of American public life: the Media and the Universities. Howling and enraged about an alleged liberal media conspiracy, they sat out to make reporters like Woodward and Bernstein (The Reporters that broke the Nixon Scandals) anomalies in the press. Their visceral rage at the role the press played in turning public opinion against their profitable excursions in Vietnam inflamed them to no end. Starting under the Nixon era, media manipulators like the late Roger Ailes began exploring new ways in which media reported on issues concerning the Oval Office. They stopped stressing issues, instead concentrating mainly on simple themes and the homespun folksy appeals of Presidents like Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

Turning the word liberal into a perjorative, these pundits created a manichean devil that has hindered any discussion or serious debate on important domestic issues. Concurrently, they began a full frontal assault in the Courts against the Fairness Doctrine, which was finally abolished in 1987. The doctrine was a federal policy which required television and radio broadcasters to present contrasting viewpoints on controversial issues. But it was FCC Chairman Michael Powell, son of General Colin Powell’s repeal on the ban limiting the number of channels that corporations could own, that killed any resistance to the de-regulations of the airwaves. The result was an army of reactionary talk radio shows which lowered the bar on political discourse in the country. It is in this environment that Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News grew to prominence on the national stage.

The second flank of the attack was launched against Colleges and Universities across the country by intellectuals such as David Horowitz, who alleged a vast left wing conspiracy in academia. According to intellectuals like Horowitz, university professors are indoctrinating students into an anti-intellectual, politically leftist ideology that undermines free thought. Horowitz would later publish something called the 10 Academic Bill of Rights. The essence of treatises like these called for the abolition of ethnic and gender studies. They were particularly vigilant about anything having to do with Black History. They maintained that these kinds of courses created division in the student body. They even went so far as to argue that these studies are examples of, you guessed it, reverse racism.

Implying that these studies are non-empirical and reduce the intellectual capacity of black students, they argued that the presence of black students in universities was not due to their aptitude for college studies. They instead, argued that black students owed their admission into colleges to quota based affirmative action programs.  To say that this argument propagates the idea of black intellectual inferiority is an understatement.

However, they didn’t stop there. In furtherance of their allegations of a left wing collegiate conspiracy, they began to allege an amorphously imposed censorship of political correctness. Shockingly enough, these professors and scholars have spoken on the most liberal colleges in the country. They have waged intellectual battles against the who’s who of progressive giants. For example, the Munk Debates saw Professor(s) Michael Eric Dyson & Michelle Goldberg face off against Actor Steven Frye and Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson. Frye threw shade all through the debate. While appearing to be moderate, Frye at one point compared Dyson’s rhetorical lyrics of fury to that of a snake oil salesman, while Peterson took umbrage to Dyson’s labeling him as a “mean white man.”


Millions of You Tubers both black and white decried Dyson as a race baiter, calling his responses to both Frye and Peterson race based ad hominem attacks that failed to address the empirically based arguments of his opponents. For the record, Peterson cited little, if any, empirical evidence throughout the debate. Critics missed the point of Dyson’s rebuttal to both positions. Dyson simply argued that the so called left wing conspiracy on university campuses was farcical at best and outright fraudulent at worst. He further argued that the basis of these claims are due to a minuscule erosion of power from men who no longer enjoyed absolute power, but still maintained predominant power in American political and social spheres of influence. At one point in the debate, Professor Peterson demanded that Dyson and Goldberg give concessions to leftist extremities in social, political and academic life. When Goldberg did so, Peterson exploded. This display of poor decorum revealed his true intentions. Peterson did not want concessions. He wanted unconditional surrender.

This is the true nature of conservative cries of political correctness. They don’t want government protection for offensive speech, they want the public to grant them the absolute privilege to be assholes with no replies, challenges or rebuttals, not from the government, but from society at large. They seek to restrain the free speech of others in response to their free speech in particular. Simply put, in the name of free speech, they are suppressing free speech. The reactionary conservatives’ campaign against political correctness is like the bully that goes onto the school playground punching weaker children in the face and taking their lunch money. When the children, fed up with the loss of their lunch money and swollen eyes band together and unleash a monumental ass whipping, they label the children violent sociopaths and promptly rat them out to the principal. These men must be intellectually pimp slapped in the public forum frequently. Anything less would be uncivilized.

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