There are great lessons for every Nigerian from Obinna Iyiegbu’s (Obi Cubana) recent display of wealth that took place in Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria during his mother’s burial: People are rich in Nigeria. Your network is your networth. Be good to your family, friends, and those around you. You don’t know what tomorrow holds for anyone.
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Use your brain, it is the answer to your prayers. Your destiny is in your own hands.

I believe that people can be rich without involving in crimes. Not every wealth is crime-connected. Not every rich person is into illegal business or doing money rituals. Contrary to what many people have been saying in reality and on social media, we can still say that Obinna Iyiegbu made his money legally. Obi Cubana didn’t become a billionaire overnight. The success you see today is a result of over fifteen years of consistency and hardwork.

I think it is necessary for us to go back to history and see where he was coming from before we conclude that his source of wealth is questionable. He didn’t just wake up and become a billionaire. No. He planned and worked for where he is today. He has been consistent. Obinna Iyiegbu is a Nigerian-based businessman and entrepreneur who started his first club, Ibiza Club, Abuja, in 2006, seeking to satisfy fun seekers and nightlife lovers.

In 2009, he established the Cubana Group, a hospitality brand that provides all-round entertainment satisfaction. Cubana Group was first established in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, according to reports. Today, you can see the Rolex Hotels, Lagos; Cubana Leisure Outfits; Pablo Cubana, Lagos; Crave Cubana, Abuja; Grand Cubana Hotels, Abuja; Opium Cubana, Owerri; Cubana Night Clubs, Lagos; Gustavo Cubana, Enugu, all owned by Obi Cubana.

The billionaire businesman worked with close associates, including Paschal Okechukwu, popularly known as ‘Cubana Chief Priest’, to manage his entertainment conglomerates around the country. Cubana Chief Priest used to be the General Manager of the Cubana Group before the duo parted ways in 2020 because of a little disagreement. Obi Cubana in a recent interview disclosed that he is currently working on Cubana Dubai and Cubana Real Estate.

Those who go to clubs may understand Obi Cubana’s source of wealth. There are some clubs in Nigeria where an ordinary bottle of Coca-Cola is sold for N1000 or more. That is how clubs operate. You may buy things times five of the actual price. Or more. And to think that he has various clubs, hotels, and restaurants in different parts of the country may help you to understand how much money the young man is making daily. You can take a chair, sit down, get a calculator and do the calculation by yourself.

This article is not to endorse extravagant and wasteful lifestyle. It is just to tell you that because of his many businesses, the Cuban King can actually afford to throw some money around. The Coca-Cola price is just one example of many drinks sold in a club. You have a choice to sit in your house or go there. We may bark all we want, but Obi Cubana is rich and has a traceable source of income. I don’t want to believe that the source of his money is questionable. The guy is just smart.

I have watched a lot of videos of the Cubana party on the blogosphere. On YouTube. On Facebook. On Instagram. On WhatsApp. On Twitter. Everyone was busy posting the bales of money that people were spraying.
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Honestly, it was more of a party than a funeral, because we were, and still are thinking about the money instead of the dead. In those few days, everyone in Nigeria seemed to have forgotten about the many problems in Nigeria. Our attention was shifted to Oba in Anambra State, where there was a rain of money.
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I have no right to teach anyone how to spend their money but modesty is required. Spending money lavishly in a country where the rate of poverty and unemployment is touching the skies is not cool. I’m not hating on anyone but I’m sure that majority of those who attended the funeral will get home and start thinking about their lives. They may smile during the event but they are not truly happy. The money spent at the party could actually create a better future for many Nigerian youths.

Finally, this is my advice to every Nigerian who has witnessed the show. Don’t compare yourself to the Cubana gang. People make money differently. Your life is beautiful, even with the little money you have presently. Don’t feel oppressed or be tempted to think that God has not done enough for you. Or that your journey is too slow. Everyone’s time and journey is different. It is a kaleidoscope, that turns, and moves, slowly, but steadily. Everyone has his round. You are still doing well and travelling at your own pace, with peace of mind, good health, and happiness.

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