Mother’s Day came and went last week and it got me thinking. We should call it “Mom’s Day” instead of “Mother’s Day.”  We got bitches all over this country getting flowers, gifts, accolades, and their own goddam day just for being a mother.

“OMG Donovan! How can you say such a thing?! Mothers are special!”

No they’re not…not even close. You see, there’s a huge difference between a mother and a mom…
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or in the ghetto terms a mama and a baby mama. Let’s start by defining the difference between the two.

Becoming a mother is easy. Being a Mom is hard.

This isn’t easy

Yes, gentlemen, there’s a difference between mothers and moms. A mother, or biological mother, is little more than a female who gives birth to an offspring. Her name is on the birth certificate as the “birth mother.” All it takes to get her name on that birth certificate is to simply give birth. That’s all.

To become pregnant, which leads to becoming a mother,  all a woman has to do is let a man fuck her without a condom and voila! There’s nothing heroic difficult about letting a buncha niggas raw dog her. That’s why so many woman have so many kids. It’s easy.

Being a Mom, however, is much more difficult. After the kid is born the real work begins and this is what separates mothers from moms. Moms put their children first in any and all things. Moms never take the easy way out and Moms are never selfish. That’s hard.

“But what about carrying a kid for 9 months then enduring 17 hours of labor! That’s hard too isn’t it??!”

It’s not easy but it’s certainly not hard. Okay, so she carries a kid in her belly for a few months. Certainly not a walk in the part. But during that few months she gets to stuff her face with whatever she wants to and gain wait under the guise of “Well I gotta eat a lot to grow a big healthy baby!” Then when they go into labor they’re given an epidural to numb them from the waist down which makes giving birth a completely painless process. Childbirth isn’t nearly as difficult as women would lead you to believe.

But even if pregnancy and childbirth were difficult, that’s still only 9 months of sacrifice. After the kid is born most women go back to doing whatever it was that they were doing which is why they end up getting pregnant just a few months after having a baby. If pregnancy and childbirth were so difficult, women wouldn’t be shitting kids out by the truck load.

Being a Mom requires another 18 years of sacrifice and most women these days just aren’t willing to sacrifice that much for that long. Why? Because it’s hard. Which is exactly why most women who have children are bad Moms.

Congratulations, you’re a mother. But now the REAL work begins

But every Mother’s Day, mothers and moms are treated as equals. Doesn’t matter if a woman is a terrible example to her kids, doesn’t give a shit about them when they’re not in front of their phones, or helps them in school.
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They’re given every bit as much respect and credit as the women who actually care for and raise their children properly.

Bad mothers are taught that going through 9 months of pregnancy and a painless child birth is all they need to get all the praise that comes with being a good Mom. And they’re right. So why would these bitches step up their game if the world tells them they don’t need to? Why do something difficult when you don’t have to?

Mamas (Moms) and baby mamas (Mothers)

Let’s look at the activities of Mamas (Moms) and baby mamas (mothers):

The biggest factor that separates Mamas from baby mamas is male attention…niggas.

Baby mamas regularly put niggas before their kids. They drop them off at their mama’s or cousin’s or whoever she could find to watch em while she goes and gets raw dogged by D’Andre.

Baby mamas never hesitate to bring random men around their children no matter how long they’ve been fuckin’ them. Two weeks, two months, two minutes, doesn’t matter. If she can’t find someone to watch her kids, she’ll bring niggas she barely knows into her home around her kids just so she can get some dick.

Baby mama drama

Baby mamas don’t give a shit about the fact that her kids don’t know why she’s got a different nigga every week. They’ll get over it as far as she’s concerned. They don’t know what sex is anyway.

Mamas, on the other hand, are extremely careful about bringing men around her kids. They know that it is irresponsible and dangerous to do this on a regular basis. She knows this selfish act will have negative consequences on her children, not the least of which is them resenting her later on in life. A Mama understands that sacrificing male attention and validation is sometimes necessary to be a good Mom.

Don’t get me wrong. Mamas go out on dates too. They’re women, after all. They need love and attention just like any other woman. But they are very selective about men they choose to spend their time with. They don’t just hop on the first good lookin’ nigga who hollers at them. They make sure they vet him thoroughly to ensure that he can be trusted around her children as a good influence. Unfortunately for Mamas these men are few and far between and because Mamas put the needs of their children before their own, they have a tough time finding a man. But it’s worth it to her to raise good, strong, well adjusted children at the expense of short term male attention.

Good Moms don’t bring a buncha niggas around her kids

As far as discipline goes, baby mamas take the easy way out far more often than not. Why? Because it’s easy. It’s easy to let kids get away with shit. It’s easy to be a baby mama when your kids “like” you all the time because you never really discipline them.

Baby mamas are easy on their kids because it’s difficult to discipline their kids. It’s hard to hear your children crying and screaming or throwing a fit because you told them to go to bed early, or to clean their room or do their homework before they could watch TV.
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Baby mamas don’t subject themselves to these difficulties.

Mamas, on the other hand do. Mamas endure the crying and screaming. Mamas are willing to pay the temporary price of their kids “hating them” because they understand that dealing with these short term consequences will lead to long term success for their children.

The bottom line…

…is that any ovulating female can open her legs and take a niggas load and have a kid a few months later. That’s the easy part which, again, is why most women have children. But it takes a woman who is dedicated to raising their children properly despite how difficult it is because she wants her children to be good and decent human beings.

Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrate baby mamas or women with a bunch of kids who only pretend to care about their kids on social media or when she thinks she has an audience.
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Like I said at the beginning, it should be changed to Mom’s Day for the real Moms out there who make the hard choices at their expense to give their kids a fighting chance to live a good life.