We all love to point accusing fingers to Muhammadu Buhari when anything happens in Nigeria. It is good. The leader always takes the blame. But we need to remember that Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria. The situation in which Nigeria is presently is caused by our irresponsible past leaders and the present ones. How would you know that Patience Jonathan’s mother is currently spending billions of dollars even while in the grave?


Can you see irresponsibility? Nigeria does not have problem. We only lack responsible leaders who only care about themselves. Leaders who don’t think about the welfare of others. That is why Fela Anikulapo Kuti called them animals. They are truly animals because they act like animals. Anyone who lacks empathy is an animal. How would you know that Bukola Saraki kept N1.4 billion to himself from Paris Club refunds and is richer than Kwara State?


Everyone is shouting like it is Buhari who is crippling the Nigerian economy. But the truth is that the people plundering Nigeria are our fathers and mothers. They are our brothers and sisters. They are our people. They are part of us. But they chose to be bastards. They chose to be irresponsible. How would you know that $2.1 billion was shared by Dasuki among ranks and files? How would you know that Wale Oke hid N4billion raw cash at Ikoyi apartment?


How would you know that someone abandoned N400 million at Kaduna Airport without looking back for the fear of EFCC? How would you know that over N1trillion was shared every year by the subsidy cabals yet you still had fuel scarcity? How would you know that Tompolo was paid over N43billion to protect our water ways by Jonathan? Tell me, how would you know that over N240billion was spent to import rice every year thereby leaving the local farmers poor as church rats?


How would you know that Diezani embezzled billion of dollars not to talk of the 56 choice properties recently forfeited to the Federal Government through the court? How would you know that JAMB who had over the years remitted N3million now remitted N8billion to the Federation account within one year? How would you know that Fayose collected N4.7billion from Jonathan through Obanikoro to fund his Ekiti State election? How would you know that Nigeria Customs can generate over N300billion within first quarter of 2017 compared to N3billion remitted over the years?


The truth is that Nigeria is a country of many idiots. Those who we call leaders have disappointed us many times. They still keep disappointing us. They keep failing us. They keep disgracing themselves. Our leaders travel very often to foreign countries but they never learn anything good from those countries. They just go to eat and drink and fuck and come back home with empty brains. Nigeria is underdeveloped, courtesy of these bastards that we call leaders.


Everyone seems to be blaming Buhari but how would you know that Atiku and company (Intel) has been stealing from Nigeria government through the NPA for the past seventeen years? How would you know that some judges and lawyers are encouraging corruption through perpetual injunctions and what have you? I am not saying Buhari is a saint but Nigerians should stop blaming him for everything that happens in this Animal Kingdom. How would you know that Stella Oduah used her maids to launder N2.4 billion if not for Buhari?


These idiots that we call leaders have plundered Nigeria too much. They have destroyed our economy far too long. They have stolen, killed and destroyed us far too long. How would you know that Patience Jonathan also used her maids to launder over N13 billion even her own hotel worth N11 billion in Bayelsa? How would you know that the unscrupulous ones hide billions of dollars in farms, graveyards, suck away pits, tanks and other secret places?


These people have looted us too much. Christians and Muslims in Nigeria need to stop praying for leaders. They should start cursing them. Anyone who does wickedness should be cursed. Anyone who cheats others to enrich himself should be cursed. Diezani bribed INEC officials with N23 billion in the last 2015 elections to achieve victory for Jonathan and his cronies. Nigerians are the ones who will pay for it. Even Femi Aluko (Diezani’s boy) bought a yatch (boat) worth N32 billion.


Like Oliver Twist, we are surely waiting to know more even if the National Assembly refused to pass the bill you sent to them  (The Anti Corruption and Special Court bill) to prosecute the corrupt elements in our midst besides our constitution which shelter the unscrupulous elites, the high and mighty ones in our society. We all know that the House of Assembly and House of Legislatives are part of the rots in our country and we are eagerly waiting for them to be disgraced. Woe unto anyone who makes life bitter for Nigerians. Amen!