I am surprised by the attention many give Nnamdi Kanu, the self adorned Igbo leader who just resurfaced after many months in hiding, but more surprised that some Igbo still think that Kanu is the Messiah they have been waiting for. I had said it many times that Kanu is just an attention seeker who wants fame and power rather than fight for the cause people think he is fighting for. One good indicator to know that Kanu is not a serious agitator is his understanding of Nigeria. He thought Nigeria is a zoo, but Nigeria is worse than a zoo, it is a jungle.
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Alas, Kanu prepared for a zoo and was shown what a jungle looks like.

I wrote the piece below about two years ago and it is still relevant. The jungle has gotten worse instead of better.


I have known for a while now that there is no justice in this country, there is no fairness in this country.

One thing that is common to many of us Nigerians is that we love to deceive ourselves. We lie to ourselves so well that most of the time we take our lies as our realities. Someone, who although loves to deceive himself, once said something truthful about Nigeria and many people went haywire.

Nnamdi Kanu said Nigeria is a zoo and I think he was too generous to compare Nigeria to a zoo. Nigeria is a jungle.

There is law and order in a zoo, people take care of the animals in a zoo, they ensure they are fed regularly and on time. There is maximum security for the animals in the zoo. They take care of the environment and make it attractive for visitors and tourists. And a zoo is somewhere everyone will love to visit.

Now if you will be honest with yourself. You will know that it will be mere false glorification to refer to Nigeria as a zoo. Nigeria is a jungle in all ramifications and we the animals living in it can only be under illusion to think that we enjoy the luxury enjoyed by the animals in the zoo.

Just like in the jungle, it is every man for himself in Nigeria. It is the survival of the fittest here. There is no security, you have to provide security for yourself, no one protects you except you protect yourself.

Unlike in a zoo, in the jungle called Nigeria, there is no law and order, justice goes to the highest bidder. Only those who have money can buy justice.
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The poor accepts whatever befalls him and knows that it is foolhardy trying to seek redress in a court of law.

Unlike in a zoo, in the jungle called Nigeria, no one takes care of the environment. People pollute the environment with reckless abandon and no serious agency to ensure the safety of the environment when they have not ensured the safety of the inhabitants of that environment.

Unlike in a zoo, the jungle called Nigeria is not attractive, it is not a place someone will like to visit, instead the inhabitants of the jungle escape from it by all means possible.

I am sorry, as one of the animals in the jungle called Nigeria, I am unable to sympathise with my fellow animals in that part of the jungle called Aba.
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Particularly, I have no pity for the IPOBian animals that refuse to learn the rules of the jungle.

Ironically, I feel sorry for the paper tiger called Nnamdi Kanu, who enjoys reveling in self illusion and comically arrogating nonexistent authority to himself.

I pity no one but Kanu because he made a huge mistake, he thought Nigeria is a zoo, he didn’t know Nigeria is a jungle. He thought we follow any rules here talk less of a particular one for engagement.

I pity Kanu for being ill-prepared for Jungle Nigeria. He must have prepared for Zoo Nigeria and I feel sad for him because he is going to learn his lesson in a hard way.
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Wait, why do I pity Kanu? is that the human in me?

No, I am an animal in the Jungle called Nigeria and I have no pity for IPOB nor their leader Nnamdi Kanu.