Intro – Push & Pull
There was a friend of mine. A beta – of the incurable kind. He’d never accept the fact that he is a dweeb, thinking instead that he is the manliest of men. But he was miles and miles away from that.  What he was – a beta. Capital B. Now, Billy, he had a wife. And he put her on the highest pedestal. He worshiped the air she breathed. Dumb, right? And his wife, a mean thot, used him in every way she wanted. It really was a sad story. But today, we get to learn from another man’s mistakes.
Man, if I had a penny each time I saw a Billy Beta being pushed around and bossed by his Thot Woman. By now, I’d be a rich playa. Because, you see, I had it all figured out, for a long time. You could see these women, know their each and every step way before they took it. Every word coming from them was a shit test, a denigration, a jab. They’d use their pussy as a powerful weapon, a means to tip the scales always in their favor. In simpler terms – the thot kept her beta man on a tight leash. And while he does her bidding – she rides around the Chad Cock Carousel. Somehow, it was hilarious. In a sad kind of way. And that sadness is what we’re talking about today. We’re narrating Billy the Beta’s story, to help YOU avoid it altogether. Read on as we discuss what’s the biggest source of sadness for young men who are clueless about game.

Dignity, Boundary, Rules
Men such as Billy lack gall. They have no balls to put their feet on the ground and make others follow their rules. So instead, they follow someone else’s bidding. In most cases, it’s their bossy bitch woman. So what are the three crucial components of being the dominant party in a relationship?
They are dignity, boundaries, and rules. You need to show and set up all three, and stick by them – no excuses. You can’t become a follower – but instead make her feel your dominance, assertiveness, and your leadership.
Have dignity. Don’t settle for subpar results, for subpar women, for mid-way deals. Show that you care about yourself and that you aren’t willing to abandon your dreams and goals for some roadside thot.  
Have boundaries. Put your hand down and say firmly what you want. Don’t roll over at the first shit-test and an attempt for her to assert her rule. With a good boundary, you can stand as a mountain. And in a way – that’s what she wants. To  feel the dominance and the rule.
Have rules. Rules that define who you are and the way you live. Those rules are there to be followed, not made into compromises.
With these foundations set in your life, you immediately set yourself as a leader, a defined person with an aim and goal. All those who float into that life, will need to follow along. For after all, only you can lead your life to where you want, not others.

When No Means No
So, there is poor old Billy the Beta. No dignity, no rules, no boundaries. He’s a mere follower. A wilted leaf that is blow about by the fierce wind that is his thot woman. And Billy is a sad man. For him, it’s too late to assert his leadership. It’s impossible. When he realizes his blunder (if he ever does) he won’t be able to remedy it. The only choice he will have is to abandon that sinking ship and change his ways from the root. But that is a long and hard process. That’s why we write this. To make sure that young players such as yourself can learn beforehand what some rules of the game are. And not fall for the same mistakes that other men made.

Being a man entails a lot of responsibilities, a lot of hardships and a lot of resignations. Sometimes, a man’s world is loveless. Sometimes it is cold. But it’s all worth it, in order to be free and independent. That is the number one priority for every man – freedom. Having your own life firmly in your hands. And never letting it go.
Do you have a Billy the Beta as a friend? Have you come across some icy cold bossy thots? How did you go about setting your boundaries? Let us know in the comments below, and share your experiences with the fellow readers. Maybe you can share some important and valuable advices. Either way, the Negromanosphere reminds you: Keep Conquering!