Despite what many Black men think and believe there are many quality Black women out there who can be assets to good men.   Unfortunately there are way too many toxic Black women out there as well.   The biggest issue is that its way easier to run into a toxic woman than it is to run into a quality one.   Black men have to learn how to spot the toxic women.   There are three general types of toxic Black women.   The apologetic woman, the acculturated prostitute, and the Amazon Woman.

The apologetic woman is the woman who believes that if a Black man would just act right everything would be okay.  Of course the apologetic woman’s definition of acting right is behaving like a white man.   At least what they perceive as the white man’s virtues.   Women like this will constantly try to shape a Black man’s behavior to their liking.   A common example is when they will take a street dude and try to turn him into a productive citizen.

Compared to the other two, the apologetic woman isn’t that bad.  Still, for a Black man who has a sense of who he is and where he is going, the apologetic woman can be quite annoying.   It’s toxic to such a man to have a woman constantly trying to shape his behavior.   It’s like the constant drip of leaky pipe.   A woman like this can cause damage if she is indulged over the long term.   She needs to be avoided.

The next toxic Black woman to avoid is the acculturated prostitute.  They are not the type of women to ask for money up front to give sex like a street walker.  The acculturated prostitute will likely be offended if a man approached her in this manner.   This type of toxic woman will imply she will sleep with a man if he performs monetary favors for her such as buying her gifts.   Another example is on a job where a woman may imply she will sleep with her boss if he gives her a raise or a favorable review.  These women are commonly called gold diggers.

These women are toxic because they are not looking for a partnership with a man but a sponsorship.   A man’s virtues or even his physical appearance don’t matter to a woman.   She is turned on by his income, credit rating, and willingness to spend money on her.   This is toxic because it reduces a man to an ATM.    Also this type of woman will always go to the highest bidder.

The third type of woman is the Amazon Woman.   This is a woman with an abundance of masculine energy.   Many are in competition with men and don’t seek partnership.   These are the women who lead the “Black men ain’t shit” charge.   A man dealing with this type of woman will experience erectile dysfunction and maybe other physical issues.   This type of woman is the type who will be emotionally and even physically abusive.

Now I know someone reading this will think they would just avoid these types of women.   It’s not that simple.  For one thing many of these women will have the two things that will attract most men.   They will either be physically attractive or very cooperative at the beginning of a relationship.  Sometimes they will have both traits.   An attractive woman with a cooperative personality is a man’s dream.

The key for a Black man to avoid these types of women is to keep his eyes open and pay attention to everything she does.  The apologetic woman will do little subtle things like pick out a man’s clothes and make comments about the man’s behavior in subtle way to get him to change.    The acculturated prostitute will try to find out your income and try to get a man to buy things.  The Amazon woman will challenge a man on small things to see what she can get away with.

When a man spots or better yet feels that a woman is toxic he needs to push her out his life.   There is no good that can come from toxic women.


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