Bear witness to the latest chain of thoughts coming to the Negromanosphere – the number one source of mental weaponry, a fitting choice for the arsenal of every rational and self-respecting man. We’ll make it our tradition to deliver to you, the readers, a fresh new mindset each time – a unique and inspiring concept to aid you in the sailing against the currents of life. This tradition is slowly taking form – you can check out the previous installments, like the Gladiator Concept or the Conqueror Nature.
Our newest concept is the fighters approach to life. It is an outlook on life through the eyes of a frenzied beast, ready to fight and perish before bending down to the rules and regulations of modern living. A Wolf concept. The threatening snarl of a cornered beast that is left with no other option other than to fight. So, if you need a helping hand, a nudge in the proper direction, a push that will help get you out of this dark place you are in now, then read on. We will discuss an viewpoint that can help all the young and up and coming men, with an aim in life to succeed and be the best they can be. Read on!  

Fight Fire with Fire
We can all agree, all the young men especially, that life, in the 21st century can be a ruthless affair. Faced daily with ever increasing challenges, we are forced to fight in order to succeed and become successful. Which in a sense, is the leading principle of life – the strong will survive. The strong will succeed. With the rising of the self-deceiving feminism, the numerous transgender psychological illnesses, and the all kinds of #MeToo movements, the masculine world is attacked from all sides. Or so they make you think.
But self-respect, success and fulfillment can never be attacked and diminished. They speak for themselves, they are exuded from the image and the stance of a self-made, influential man, a victor emerged from the struggle of life. This can never be attacked. In fact it draws other people towards itself. Only those who lack the discipline, the devotion and the desire to improve, will be attacked and eventually swept under.
This is why you need to apply the first rule of the wolf concept – don’t show your belly. What do we mean by this? It is a natural rule taken directly from nature. A wolf for example, when weaker and submitting to a stronger one, will roll over on its back and expose its belly – a sign of surrender and weakness. That’s why YOU should never submit, never show your belly.

Given No Respite
The second rule ties in to the concept of living your life aggressively. No, we don’t mean it like that. Not aggressively as in fight everyone. Aggressively – as in fight for your place in the world, metaphorically. This is where our second rule of the wolf concept comes in – and that is to always spit and snarl the truth. Like a wolf snarls and bares his teeth in spite of danger. You too need to always hold true to yourself. Never submit to something you don’t agree to. Spit the truth out with pride, and stand by it no matter what. Showing respect for yourself is the cornerstone of a respectable man. Hold the truth in the highest regard, and don’t settle for less. If you cannot stand by your word and your opinion, you will quickly lose all respect and no one will take you seriously. That is often the reason why true, successful men are given no respite. They are always tested and always led to submit to something or someone. But…they don’t.

A man on a journey of improvement is often cornered. By life, by people, by companies. Life quickly becomes an perpetual struggle for success – and self-improvement is nothing less than a struggle. From all aspects of life – the gym, the women, the money, the society – you need to be the best. And this takes a lot of patience, work, pain and most of all self-respect. That is what the wolf concept is about – respecting and loving yourself. Loving who you are and standing by it no matter what. Not allowing the world to mold you into the shape it wants. Be like iron – hard and un-moldable.

We hope this article hits home. We hope you can get the concept in the way we saw it as well. As a call to arms – a nudge in the right direction – towards self-improvement. Realize that time waits for no man. You either get off your but now and make a change for the better, or you get swept under. No other outcome. So go out there and make a name for yourself. Create the best version of yourself. We know we will.