We can’t stress enough the importance of being physically active. Matter of fact, we talked about it so often through our articles, that it is now becoming a mandatory thing – no need to remind you of it. While the gym should be your number one choice – thanks to its effectiveness, ease of access and overall satisfaction – you are not necessarily restricted to just lifting weights. In all honesty, some people often seek more than just repetitive weight lifting (although that’s the point). There’s calisthenics and bodyweight training, but they are not as effective for significant muscle building. These varied and conflicting choices in workout programs lead to the emergence of a new trend – a workout regime that incorporates a bit from everything, and in return offering a demanding but effective program that will give you everything you need – muscle mass and definition, superior conditioning and unparalleled strength. Since it first came about, Crossfit gained a great following. Remember that it can’t replace no single program, like the bodybuilding, but it still has it’s positive sides and entertaining aspects. For all of you who like to mix things up, always do something new and challenging, and for those who like to put themselves to the ultimate test – Crossfit could be the best choice for you. So read on as we get to know this intense workout program.

The Rising Popularity
Ever since its official beginnings in 2000, there was an undeniable popularity and a large following of Crossfit. The main reason for this is that it brings something fresh and innovative to the whole “fitness” table, and allows its users a new experience each time they enter the gym or any other workout place for that matter. Why is this?
The secret lies in the heart of what CrossFit really is. It’s a clever mixture of several important, traditional workouts, comprised into a single training program and philosophy, allowing the users to capture the best elements out of every tried and tested exercise. It takes elements from calisthenics, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, kettle bell training, powerlifting, strongman training, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and others. This is a respectable number of crucial programs and it’s this variety put into a single regime that makes CrossFit so amazing.

The Ultimate Test
If you’re looking to get into CrossFit as your preferred method to get ripped and physically able – to become the best version of yourself – then there are a few things you should know beforehand. Crossfit is often regarded as the ultimate test for one’s condition, physical strength and ability to endure pressure. Expect an intense bombardment of high intensity, demanding exercises that will set your muscles on fire. As you progress, the strain will become more and more tolerable, and your looks and conditioning better and better. A daily crossfit workout is sort of a circuit. With the instructions from your personal trainer or the group you’re in, you will put yourself to the test by completing a set of challenging exercises in short intervals.  You will quickly understand the nature of CrossFit.
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The goal is to get sore, sweaty and tired. But that’s the most effective result for building sheer strength and muscle. It’s also an extremely effective way to lose weight and body fat percentage. In essence, it’s a rough, intensive gladiatorial training – a warlike attack, a rage-filled vent in the gym.

Undeniable Results
Both bodybuilding and crossfit will give you the muscles and definition you desire. You will get ripped either way. But a difference still exists. Bodybuilding is a more meticulous, calculated program that hits each muscle group separately – giving you more control over your overall looks. Chest needs more work? Hit the bench press and dumbbell flyes more. Legs not big enough? Hit the squat rack and make them feel like jelly. Either way, you got the control you need.
The thing with CrossFit though, is that the exercises are designed to cover the entire body.
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They are high intensity efforts that put the whole body to work. The result is a natural muscle build – a combined, proportionate physique that clearly displays a insane amount of effort put into building it. So, if you put a bodybuilder and a crossfiter side by side, you will see an obvious difference in physique and muscle build. Sure, you will be amazed by both – the strength, aesthetics, discipline and self-improvement will be obvious in both bodies – but the build and the capabilities will differ visibly. That’s why everything rests on your shoulders. It’s a simple matter of choice. Which approach do you want to take? It depends on personality – more traditional or more innovative?
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Whatever the choice, don’t sit on your butt – get sweaty and get RIPPED!

We know that CrossFit is not so well known or accepted in gyms and traditional workout regimes. That’s why we thought this would be a great chance for you to get closer to CrossFit and get to know what it has to offer and in what way. But in the end, one constant truth remains the same – and we will repeat it every time: workouts are mandatory! There are no, and there can be no excuses! Get ripped or get out!