There are many young people who have expressed the idea that the game has changed from maybe twenty years ago because of social media.   It’s a good debate because the reality is that there are some men getting women off of social media.   Reportedly there have even been marriages that resulted from couples meeting on social media.   At the same time men and women are still meeting the way they have always been for decades, even centuries.  Regardless, social media is here to stay.

From my view even with social media many men are still going to spend some nights alone.   The main reason is that many of the methods men use to meet women online leave a lot to be desired.  Whether it’s an online dating service or sliding in someone’s DM many men are just as frustrated as they would be trying to meet a woman at the club or on the street.    Let’s really look at that.

For an example let’s use an IG model’s page.   If we’re going to be real most men are trying to get the woman with a killer body and not the one showing off the jewelry she’s selling.   What happens with the IG models is that they will have thousands of men comment on their pictures every day.  Now some people correctly point out that this will swell a woman’s ego.   Even if the woman keeps her ego under control another issue is one man making a comment or sliding in a DM is competing a thousand other men doing the same thing.   She will likely ignore the comment or message because how many times can she read the word, “beautiful” or “sexy” before her eyes glaze over.

Even when someone comes up with two coherent sentences in many cases it comes off as thirsty thus turning off the model anyway.   What men say in comments and DMs can turn a regular woman off because they get the same thing.   In my view a man is better off trying to talk to women on the street.

Despite everything a man can win on social media but it’s still very tough.   The first thing he would have to do is develop a great image of himself.   He needs to look good because whether it’s online dating or just a regular social media page women are going to judge him on how good he looks in his pictures.   That works if the woman even bothers to look at the pictures.  Often she won’t because again a few thousand men are trying to get at her.   There’s a way to stand out in a woman’s mind on social media.

One thing many men do is focus on how phat a woman’s ass is in her pictures.   Many don’t focus on what she’s saying.   One woman I follow on IG has a killer body.   She also has very nerdy interests.   The smart man with her wouldn’t talk about how well she fills out a dress.   He would share his genuine interest in the same nerdy subject.   Notice I said genuine.  People can sense when you really don’t share their interests.   That’s just one example.   Most of the sexy women on social media got interests beyond looking good.   One woman I follow is about to start law school.

In general when dealing with social media take it with a grain of salt.   Check out the pics.  Drool over them as I know some will.  Just don’t take it too seriously.  Now if you see that woman who is just that fine and through her social media you can tell she has similar interests just comment intelligently when she brings up certain subjects.  The main thing is be interesting yourself.   Give her reason to check out your social media.


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