I have a great many interests to occupy my time as I go through this thing called life. I read a lot, study subcultures, make videos and podcasts, check out phat booty women, and have sex with those same women. Hey what can I say, I’m well-rounded and I like things that are well rounded as well. One of the things that I think about a lot is the Genius Black Man. So who is the Genius Black Man? Let me explain.

On YouTube I’ve started doing videos about The Thinking Black Man but this is different from a Genius Black Man. You see, any Black man can be a Thinking Black Man. Any man who makes the CHOICE to actually use his brain and carve his own path in life is thinking. It doesn’t require any particular talent. A man just needs to be willing to work hard and live by his own will. You can, however, say the two are cousins. The Genius Black Man is still different.

Some men are just born with a native intelligence significantly more advanced than those in his environment. It is simply raw talent bestowed by a favorable combination of mommy and daddy’s DNA. You have this in any community. Indeed in other racial and cultural communities this high intelligence is celebrated and nurtured. Not the case in the American Black community. While a genius may be put on a pedestal in another community the genius in Black community, especially a male, is put down, made fun of, bullied, and even ostracized.

Now a funny thing is that a Black female genius may be celebrated. More girl power, woo hoo!!! The problem as I see it is the culture we live. The Black man in American society is not valued for his intelligence. Black men are valued for their brute strength and possibly the aesthetic appeal of their body’s. So when a Black male presents something other than his ability to look good, run fast, or dance well, society, including sadly some of our beautiful Black women don’t know what to do with such a man.

So that Black male child grows up somewhat isolated. He probably doesn’t fit in at many of the low performing schools he may be forced to attend. He’s not on a path that would make him popular with the little girls. Other boys may not want to be around him since he may not be into sports or getting into trouble. In many ways he is like The Thinking Black Man except that because of his higher IQ he may feel like one of science fiction’s mutants.

Imagine how it must be for this little boy who’s probably smarter and more talented to have to be around adults who can’t perceive the world the way he does. Who does he talk to about his feelings? His perceptions? When he is thinking abstract concepts and his family wants to know if he can play a hand in a game of spades. The little boy wonders if he is the crazy one of if it’s the world. One of the things he learns to do is cope.

Sometimes I wonder how many breakthroughs we have lost because a Genius Black Man couldn’t cope with the isolation. Sometimes I wonder how many of these young thugs out are really unrecognized geniuses. Young men who could have grown up to find a cure for every major disease. Young men who could have created new business models. Young men who could have created new forms of music. The possibilities are endless. I think about this for a reason.
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Let me give two examples:
There’s a young man I know I’ll call Brad. Now Brad looks like the stereotypical thug.
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He is muscular with braided hair and numerous tattoos. He has a prison record. Yet when he was a child he tested high on standardized tests. So what happened? From what I gathered his family didn’t support his intelligence.
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They made fun of him and how he expressed himself. So to fit in he dumbed himself down to get along with his dysfunctional family. So after a prison stint Brad is now back on the path of knowledge but how much was wasted in the meantime? I have another story.

When I had a book stand I had this problem kid who would just stand next to the table and not say anything. The kid, I’ll call him Fred, was the son of another vendor at the market. Now Fred was a kid who barely got through high school and was occupying his time writing wack rap lyrics. After he would keep standing by my table I would give him chores to do like getting me food. I found out later from his mother that he was a child genius who lacked male guidance which he got from me. I encouraged him to use his talent and last I heard he had graduated from specialized school for a certain profession. He may even be a public figure in some city now.

As a culture we really need to cultivate the intellectual interests of our talented young men. We cultivate the athletes, the dancers, the singers. We cultivate the girls who have talent. As a community we need to cultivate our genius little boys. These are the men who will take us forward.