Tiwa Savage is the trending topic on the internet now. I can’t count the number of people who have personally asked me if I had her leaked sex video, so that I could send it to them. This just shows that majority of us are interested in gossip, especially if it has to do with sexual activity that involves other people.

It shows that Nigerians like sex but everyone will be pretending and acting like angels.

Even before the video became viral, people’s expectations were high. Everyone was shouting that they would like to see the video when it is eventually released. It was like people were waiting for the release of a new movie. It looked like many were more interested in the sex tape than they were interested in making their lives better. Were dunwo, ko see bi lomo. It is more interesting watching a madman display his lunacy than giving birth to one.

Tiwa, for now, is the lunatic dancing to inaudible drums and songs in the presence of the whole world. Everyone is a thief. It is the one that gets caught who must face the inglorious ridicule and shame that comes with theft. It would have been better if the sex tape had not been recorded. By now, Tiwa would definitely be walking around the world confidently, with pride and freedom, and no one would have known that she had sex.

The other day, I was having a conversation with someone about the matter and asked how would Tiwa’s children feel, when they grow up and have a disagreement with someone and the person, in anger, brings up the sexual indecency of their mother to shame them? The video is everywhere now. The internet does not forget. There are those who will even save it in a secured place, waiting for the opportunity to use it against her children in future.

Could it be that Tiwa intentionally recorded the video to promote herself more? Or that it was a blackmail by someone who didn’t get paid for what he requested? Perhaps she didn’t bargain for this. She has probably been fucking for a very long time but none of us has got to see it. They probably have been drilling her countless times but we didn’t see it. We haven’t heard the sounds of her moaning or the strokes of the drilling.

We didn’t know who fucked her in the past and who she has fucked, or where they fucked each other. However, this current one has brought international ridicule and shame. For the children she would give birth to in the future, it wouldn’t be a good thing to be watching one’s mother being fucked on the internet. It wouldn’t be cool watching one’s mother moaning to the strokes of a black dick. Honestly, it wouldn’t.

I don’t blame Tiwa for fucking. I can’t. Everyone fucks. We just fuck differently. Most of us do it privately. It is either you get fucked by someone or you fuck someone.

And even if you don’t fuck someone and someone doesn’t fuck you, life will definitely fuck you sometimes. None of us can leave this life as a virgin. It is impossible. You either fuck or get fucked. But, one thing is sure, in two weeks time, people will forget about Tiwa and move on to something else.

Tiwa Savage needs to apologize to her fans, friends and family all over the world because many are already disappointed in her. It is understandable if she was deceived or drugged and was recorded unawares. However, looking at the video, Tiwa deliberately agreed that her intimate moment with her lover be recorded. She probably was thinking of playing it back in the future to watch their love-making.

Maybe she doesn’t understand her influence in the society. I feel Tiwa’s position in the society demands that she becomes more careful not only with what she does but who she does it with. Some things are sacred and should be done in privacy. Human sexual activity is one of them. We must keep it sacred and confidential, if not, we will be at the same level with beasts of the forest.

By the way, I read Yul Edochie’s article on Facebook on what happened to Tiwa and concluded that Yul is a stupid goat. He has presented himself as a bastard by refusing to shut up. You can’t imagine Yul Edochie saying Tiwa Savage is an inspiration to many of us. I understand that nobody is holy and we don’t expect Tiwa to commit suicide for what happened to her. However, I see Yul Edochie as a chameleon and a coward who is not ready to tell Tiwa the truth. It is better if he had kept quiet!

Finally, this is my advice to Tiwa Savage: Don’t bow down to societal pressure. Have the confidence to live your authentic life. Unashamedly. And unfetteredly. There is no perfect person. We are all pretenders. We all have shits. Most of us just know how to clean our shits. Do whatever brings you joy. Fuck whoever you want whenever you want. Drink to your satisfaction. Eat whatever you like. If anyone complains that you are eating too much, eat them too. There is no dress rehearsal in life. You have just this one to live. Live it to the fullest.