It’s a known fact that sneaker heads love to spend their cash when visiting a new place so no one will blame you if you plan on doing the same during your attendance at A3C in Atlanta this year.

We got you covered if you’re looking to do some sneaker shopping. Check out the best places in town when it comes to kicks and matching appeal.


Even if you never been here, you’re probably familiar with the name by now. Wish has a ton of exclusive collaborations, a wide range of streetwear and high end fashion, and a great setup if you decide to do some shopping before A3C.

The store also has a blog so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for any upcoming releases.

Walter’s Clothing

Walter’s Clothing has been a symbol in the city when it comes to selling shoes and clothing. The store features a good shoes selection, decent prices and a qualified staff ready to help you get some fresh kicks.

Walter’s is often visited by local Hip Hop stars so this is a must see location if you’re visiting Atlanta for A3C.

Pure Atlanta

Pure Atlanta allows you to get a good grip at the latest trends in the city. High end and urban clothing at their finest combined with decent prices and a ton of stars walking in to do their shopping.

We’re guessing that things won’t change during A3C so there’s a chance to meet your favorite rapper right at this spot before he delivers his live performance.

Fly Kix

Fly Kix offers a full experience when it comes to the Atlanta spirit. The store features trending urban brands at decent prices, a good shoes selection and lots of music industry insights.

Locals say that this is where Rich Homie Quan pitched his music when he was still grinding. Might sound surprising to you, but in Atlanta Hip Hop music is playing everywhere. You’ll get to experience more of that when you’ll land in the city.

Mass Appeal Atlanta

Mass Appeal Atlanta features a good shoes selection but what puts the store on this map is actually the amazing design combined with a great location.

Mass Appeal also features a lot of streetwear items that you can chose from so if you’re ever in the area, be sure to pay them a visit.

Rare Footage

Even if Rare Footage doesn’t impress with size, they’re constantly upgrading their shoes selection with some of the hardest kicks in the city.

If you’re on your way to East Atlanta Village, be sure to make a stop here to cop some fresh appeal.

Big Peach Running Co.

This is the best spot in town to shop for running shoes. Big Peach Running currently holds seven locations in Atlanta with in-store events taking place on a weekly basis.  Every location also features Footwear Fit Process, an advanced system that scans your feet and helps you find the right shoe.

The store is pretty active in the local community so if you call yourself a runner, be sure to check them out.

Epitome ATL

Epitome has a cool setup, a nice staff, and a great quality selection despite being limited.

Be sure to pay them a visit, especially if you plan on bringing your girlfriend to A3C because the store has some good merch for the ladies.

Ambush Board Co.

Ambush Board is trying to build and maintain a good skating community in the city. Obviously, their selection is based on skate goods and their staff is always willing to help you find the perfect pair.

If you call yourself a skater, this place will match heaven for you.

Stratosphere Skateboards

Another skate shop that’s pretty active in the local community. Stratosphere Skateboards has a great selection, a good location, and their setup is pretty neat.

This is also a shop run by skaters so if you’re looking to connect, this is the place to be.